CARTA Lectures / Genus Homo Who What When Where

Very interesting! Several lectures – arguments as to which species ought to belong to “Homo”.

Reassessing earlier notions of the “Human mess” Busting assumptions is good!

Modern human growth curve? Extended “childhood” – think neoteny. The age of “Turkana boy” is estimated here as 7-8 years old; the previous consensus is about 12 years old. This greatly influences the “growth curve” hypothesis.

We can’t seem to shake this notion that 2 million years of ‘homo” evolution was aimed at producing modern humans; ie all the “others” were failures. Each organism has its place to fulfill in the “web” of life forms – WE ARE NOT THE MEASURE OF SUCCESS – That is a MYTHIC NARRATIVE WHICH HUMANS HAVE CREATED. Evolution is not about “ultimate success” of one species with the “rest of nature” just hanging around for us to exploit! That idea has led us on the path of to destroy life on earth. We may prove to be the Biggest Evolutionary failure possible!



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