Dead Psychologists / Binet IQ Tests – Modern Distortion

Dead psychologists: people who still influence (and indeed dictate) the destiny of MILLIONS of children and adults today.

Does this description of Binet’s work from 100+ years ago sound familiar? It should! This is still the “method-dogma” used today to “sort out” human value in terms of intelligence – for “where a child belongs” in terms of social status and employment. “Social intelligence” has also been “grafted on” to measuring a child’s intelligence (developmental status) – and used to define “disorders”.

Binet had misgivings over how his work and tests would be used: his fears were realistic.  The establishment of “normal intelligence” which was an artifact of testing has been distorted to be one of the “Laws of Psychology” – and expanded to include BEHAVIOR, especially social behavior, when “normal” was not intended to encompass behavior outside of cognitive activity.

Note also, that “intelligence” for Binet excluded sensory and motor skills. And that “IQ” could rise in all children given proper education; and that in the U.S. especially, the “possibility of development” for all children was ignored.



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