NRA Goes Global / Under the Radar

The NRA’s Hemispheric Reach / Americas Quarterly

How the NRA promotes gun rights across the hemisphere.

“Not only has the NRA blocked or reversed efforts to strengthen gun laws in the U.S., it has also worked to oppose international efforts to combat the illicit trade in firearms at forums such as the United Nations, arguing that these measures would trample U.S. rights. It has also engaged in policy advocacy in other countries, working against efforts to strengthen domestic firearms laws through a variety of means, believing that working internationally can help prevent global trends that could influence the U.S. debate. Although the NRA charter forbids it from spending money abroad, the organization works around this to provide resources and exert influence in many ways, including working with local gun lobby groups to develop their capacity to fight gun control legislation.”


FUNNY HOW THIS ACTIVITY GETS LITTLE TO NO AIRPLAY IN THE U.S.  even in the “liberal” media. _________________________________________________________________________________

“The NRA’s international lobbying activities make it a de facto ally of U.S. arms manufacturers—the world’s largest exporters of small arms—with U.S. exports totaling $706 million in 2009.1 Contributions and sponsorships from gun makers have helped make it one of the most well-funded political lobbies in the U.S., which, in turn, gives it a strong voice in both domestic and international firearms debates. In 2010 alone, the NRA spent more than $243 million overall—80 times more than the largest pro–gun control group in the U.S., the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which spent just $3 million.”

To see what the NRA is up to, you can find the group’s opinion on just about everything at:



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