Domestication of H. sapiens and Asperger anxiety

Having been diagnosed Asperger late in life provides a “before and after” awareness  that is truly useful. There have been many “so that’s why” moments, both looking back to incidences of behavior that was inexplicable at the time, as well as now being aware of situations that I can predict will be difficult, and having time think through how to make the task less difficult. If not for me, at least for the people with whom I will be interacting.

It does no good to try to fool myself into thinking that my “Aspergerness” will ever go away, but to remind myself that I have always been this way does help; to know that it’s “normal” for me to feel awkward and anxious; to approach meltdown at times; to feel like a big cat caught in a cage.

Is the cat, like me, once it gets through the flight, fight, freeze response, left with a heavy hangover of fatigue as the adrenalin peak subsides?

I can’t imagine how big cats survive captivity without serious consequences to their health and behavior – and great suffering… like big cats, Asperger humans are trapped in a domestic social system that we can only diminish, but never escape.


I suspect that a more intense response to environmental factors is “built into” the Asperger nervous system as a consequence of being more “wild” than modern social humans, who have been domesticated, along with the animals that became “our” domestic animals. Just add a car for “modern social human”

Anxiety is the product of my brain and body, so a dilemma comes about: neuro typical people, who are the product of thousands of years of domestication, are unaware that other legitimate types of humans exist. Anyone who doesn’t meet expectations of social conformity are “wrong – abnormal, dangerous, even subhuman” – this “rush to judgement” is unrealistic and unfounded, and it excuses the pain that is both actively and passively inflicted upon those humans who are different.

Too often “civilized” people simply classify other humans as “primitive, inferior, and needing reformation” In the long run, this leads to extermination of aboriginal (from the original) people who cannot be “tamed” – and cultural extermination when the “natives” can be enslaved, that is, can be useful as labor. This domination-by-elimination is a fundamental policy of “civilized cultures” and has been for thousands of years.

Historically recent fact serves as a prime example of this behavior: the intentional slaughter of millions of wild buffalo in the American grasslands, to make way for domestic cattle breeds, which effectively destroyed the “wild” Native Americans, by destroying their prime source of survival.

Domestication created the dog from the wolf, or a wolf-like ancestor, in essence, to be exploited for specialty labor. Dogs now number in the millions; “aboriginal” wolves, like those aboriginal people who could not be made to work, were actively and purposefully exterminated in North America. A hysteria over “savage wild wolves” still exists and they are shot, trapped and poisoned by “domestic” humans. Another ongoing example of this policy, is the rush by American manufacturers to move factories, and other business overseas to developing nations. It’s the same underlying model: exploit “less developed” but highly-domesticated populations for specialty labor. Serious problems have resulted from an extremely steep rate of increase in human population as a consequence of the industrial revolution, which made enormous amounts of energy available; but at the expense of the “rest of life” being poisoned, killed, and eliminated from the planet by destruction of habitat, from sources of survival.

After a lifetime of being told that I am odd, abnormal, ill, disordered, or a threat to “the social order” and trying to understand why, I came to the understanding that Asperger individuals are more profoundly different than social domestic humans living today can imagine.

I don’t know how other Aspergers feel, but I often see myself as part of that “wildness” that will soon no longer exist.


4 thoughts on “Domestication of H. sapiens and Asperger anxiety

  1. @Gone Wild:

    I like your posts and i read them whenever i can. They are full of truth and some are very good pointings on the real problems human life brings and our lack sometimes of responsibility to our environment.

    You have very much intelligence that is very rare to find … I am not getting concrete not to angry somebody. You are full of truly knowledge and have interest on much of what i really important.



  2. This is a good post. I’ll comment on the nine billion people figure you threw out at the end.

    World human population right now is between seven billion and eight billion, closer to seven billion. The nine billion figure was thought up by demographers at the UN as an estimate for peak human population, after which it would decline presumably through slowing birth rates. Though birth rates have been slowing, the nine billion figure turns out to have been based on nothing. Absent a catastrophe, world human population is expected to get over ten billion before peaking based on existing birth rates, even incorporating into the fact that they are dropping (there is a mathematical explanation for this seeming paradox).

    The elephant in the room is that there will almost certainly be a catastrophe before it gets to that point, since world ecology essentially can’t even support the existing human population. Its being supported at this level by trashing the ecology of the planet, crowding out other species which are going extinct first, and massive use of fossil fuels of which there is a finite supply, leaving out that burning them trashes the planetary ecology.

    As for the Myers-Briggs IT types or Aspies, I think that this type evolved as a subset of humans to be the scouts and problem solvers of the early hunter-gatherer bands. Humans are social animals, and are mostly evolved to be attuned to dynamics within their tribe, they rely on the rest of the tribe to feed and protect them and so become very good at managing their status within the tribe. But the tribe needs a few people who are oriented to the world outside the tribe, to be able to ignore the tribal social dynamics and pay attention to where the best sources of water and food are, and where the predators are coming from, so a minority of humans who were good at that evolved. The thing is, if its basically all over, since the world ecology is getting trashed beyond recovery, as far as sustaining higher life forms goes, these types are simply not needed anymore.

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    • Will it make you happy if I change it to 7 billion? I doubt any of these numbers are accurate; how does one count 7,8,9 billion people anyway? It’s way too many regardless. Whatever happens in the future, you and I are alive now. I have things to say, so I’m not about to sit on the couch waiting for a mass extinction to play out! I’m old enough that I’ll be gone before the shit hits the fan. As for hunter-gathers, no one sits around doing nothing: everyone has a “job” and must contribute to group survival. Actually an Asperger would be an asset among survivors of an extinction event. Not me; if I lost my contact lenses I’d be food for physically fit types. And my contribution would likely be reinventing the hot shower and saying things like, “Gee, isn’t it wonderful? The planet is almost empty.” LOL


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