Who gets to define Autism? / The “magic word” battle

Magical thinking is the default processing program of the social brain.

Language forms ideas, and spreads ideas, that build and expand “bodies of thought” that define cultures. Thus, language drives much of human behavior. One imported Oriental idea, adopted by Western Culture and greatly expanded upon, disrupts and confuses how humans see ourselves: it is a an idea that severs contemporary humans, and modern Western social behavior, from the entire body of life that has evolved on earth, and isolates us from life that exists on the planet today, with disastrous results.

It is the idea that Man is a special creation, whose assignment is to exploit the Earth and its “resources” – including plants, animals, water and minerals – and the generative power of the soil itself – and most notably, other, lesser human beings, who become just another exploitable resource. One power of language is its usefulness as the “justifier” of unquestioned traditional behavior, such as slavery, but which may be opposed as “immoral or unethical” as cultural ideas about behavior change.

This overlord status is handed out AS A PUNISHMENT for Man obtaining knowledge. What knowledge? People have debated the “identity” of knowledge that is presented as “so powerful” that all of humankind is relegated to eternal damnation for one “mistake” (conveniently attributed to a single female). But – this “power knowledge” is also conveniently reserved for “chosen males” to control. This is actually a very common scenario in tribal societies; “secret power” may reside in many “sacred objects” – weapons are one example. A specific sword is available to one “mortal” who is granted the use of its extraordinary power by “rescuing it” from supernatural seclusion in a cave or other secret, sacred place. The consequences are often extremely “unpleasant”.

We who live in Western cultures, in a time when any and all “texts” are published for anyone to read (except for “classified” sacred government information) forget that until very recently, reading and writing (and even speech) were highly regulated “power skills” reserved for Elites. This is still the case in many regimes around the world. The act of censorship confirms the status of words, by defining and removing from public access, “words” deemed to possess “dangerous magic power”

Use of language in “concrete” form, (an Asperger characteristic) may have begun as practical notations for keeping track of trade transactions, but symbols and writing systems soon served “big magic” in ancient cultures, and word communication systems continue to be big magic to this day.

Belief in the magical power of words is fundamental to modern human communication; if this belief in the “supernatural power” of words did not exist, word language would be limited to literal, practical uses. But – “communications” handed down by invisible entities are believed to have the power to create and destroy “reality” just like natural processes.

If you happen to be the person or group that receives, controls and interprets the magic “spells, rules, and wishes” of these entities, you can control vast numbers of human beings. Much of this system of magic has been secularized; texts such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, which we know were written by men, must carry the label, “divinely inspired” in order to have “mojo”. The battle for supremacy between revered texts – the Bible and the Constitution, (and respective God Laws and Manmade Laws) remains a battle between “superpowers” for control of social reality.

Sloppy use of words stands in the way of common communication; so much “news” delivered in the U.S. is purposefully misleading, and takes advantage of “sloppy thinking” by the incessant repetition of what certain people (Elites) want the public to “believe” rather than to “know or understand” – Language can be concise, meaningful, beautifully constructed, expressive, specific and informative, but true communication requires agreement as to word definitions. This is basic to language systems, especially those “vocabularies” that allow for precision in science, engineering and technology.

Mathematics is a “special language” that makes it possible for people in these fields to communicate with each other regardless of the word language they speak. However – mathematics is restricted to things that can be “expressed” by that language; scientists must also communicate in “social word language” and for many this is not a skill they possess. Intermediaries – so-called science writers, perform this task; but there is no requirement that they “know or understand” the science content that is to be “translated and interpreted” – and inevitably, there is content which simply cannot be conveyed by word language, which depends on analogy for description and explanation. This is why the general public needs to be educated in how science, engineering and technology work. The failure of public education to do this is evident in miserable results compared to the “knowledge level” of students in “3rd World” countries.

This situation accounts for much of the “crazy reporting” about health issues, with misinformation, myths and propaganda spreading like wildfires, instead of “honest and accurate communication” guiding the discussion of topics such as “autism”. The battle for “social control” of children is determining “the fate” of millions of families in very real terms. “Sacred texts, Magic Words” (just like the Bible – Constitution example above) are the tools being used to wage the war over “who owns” human behavior.

This “battle” is nothing new; but that’s the point of my argument.



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