The Most Important “Spectrum” / The Universe in 32.06 minutes

This is the universe in 32.06 minutes. This is where education about “how the world works” needs to start, not with archaic narratives that were “current” 3,000+ years ago. The reason why American public education cannot teach basic science and math, is a hostile denial of science as a legitimate endeavor and antagonistic distortion of science and math in science and math education.

We have the tools – this video from NASA is one of them: it’s the “big picture” that needs to be understood by students before “exploring” the details. Otherwise, those details rarely make sense. Other cultures and nations do it: it’s not money spent, it’s belief systems. It requires presentation of physical reality as our home; not garbled, hostile and degraded (Disneyland) interpretations of “cartoon science” It’s teachers who are scientists –   

The Universe in 32.06 minutes. Is it really that hard to grasp how the universe works when its presented as the coherent and integrated “energy system” that we exploit to invent technology?

Why is it that students can use 21st Century technology, but are taught to believe in Stone Age explanations for why that technology is possible?


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