2 thoughts on “Social Motivation vs. Theory of Mind / ASD people are subhuman, period.

  1. The prejudice / xenophobia comes first – it’s largely unconscious when targeting autists, unlike most other forms of bigotry – and the justification for such evil is concocted after the feelings bloom in the collective and individual minds of Normdom.

    Are they creatures (merely dehumanized) – or are they night-crawling beasts (demonized)? I suspect the terminology doesnt really matter – as in the meaning and other ‘content’. Normdom doesn’t care about the content. That doesn’t matter ***at all***.

    Normdom cares ***strictly*** about the package – about the $look& of the thing – because superficial mechanistic charm is still ***superficial charm*** – and superficial matters are the stock-in-trade of the ***fetish-brandishing*** witch/shaman/ maximum leader/politician.

    It’s how they ‘do magick/ do social.’


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