Persons excluded from U.S. Citizenship / Eugenic History

The extent to which Americans are ignorant of our history is ASTOUNDING.

The history of immigration laws is available to anyone – scads of articles, books, American History classes and courses, governmental and online sources are readily available. And yet, I have not read one news article, nor heard one “news reader” so-called expert or one lawyer even mention the history of U.S. immigration law.

We hear cries of “That’s not us” referring to social, racial, religious, or myriad other discriminatory distinctions as to “Who can become an American Citizen.” Many people stomp their feet in indignation at the very suggestion that the U.S.A. HAS EVER been unfair, arbitrary, politically motivated, stupid, vindictive, racist, childish or merely selective in it’s “don’t bother to apply for citizenship” lists.

ARE YOU KIDDING? A high percentage of American citizens TODAY would have failed the entrance exam in years past.


Persons not eligible to become U.S. citizens at various points in history.

1790 Other than WHITE MALES, every person on the planet is excluded.  How clear is that message?

1882 Banned: ALL Chinese. And those convicted of “political offenses” and lunatics and idiots (That’s mentally retarded people and the mentally ill.) And those likely to need financial assistance (the poor).

1903 Banned: Polygamists and Political Radicals. (Mormons – that’s a religion, so don’t claim we’ve never targeted a religious group.) 

1907 Banned: Those with physical or mental defects. Categories such as these allow for a wide spectrum of subjective interpretation. Those with tuberculosis and  unaccompanied children. (Japanese immigration was also restricted)

1917 Illiterates, psychopathic inferiors; those intending immoral acts; alcoholics; stowaways and vagrants.

1924 Preference quota system enacted.

(Much more in the previous post and posts on American Eugenics – search my blog)



“The Final Solution.”

Much of U.S. immigration law was driven by the intent of keeping the U.S. a White Christian country, and by the American eugenics movement, which helped this “cause” by labeling non-white “foreigners” as immoral, defective, degenerate, subhuman, mentally deficient and unbalanced, and also sought to identify the same categories of people who were already in the U.S., and to eliminate “them” through sterilization of “defective” women. (Yes, this happened.)

Periods of increased laxity in immigration requirements were due to the need for desperate people who would provide cheap labor for the manufacturing industries.(Irish, Italian, Eastern Europeans) Low pay, dangerous working conditions, child labor, loss of life, high rates of disease and horrific inhumane living conditions were happily passed off as “opportunity” in service of vast corporate profits. The lack of “doing something” about illegal Central American and South American immigration is simply the same case of worker exploitation.

Immigration by well-educated, wealthy Asians can be seen as the importation of required “upscale workers” in tech industries due to the failure of the U.S. education system to equip American citizens with intellectual skills.

The ongoing effort by psychology and psychiatry to “root out” defective people can be seen in the growing obsession with diagnosis such as Autism, Asperger’s and the expanding list of psychopathologies in children. We might hope that this effort is the last gasp of immoral Eugenic monstrosities passed off as “science,” however,

genetic engineering of fetuses promises to make the elimination of “defective” human beings the perfect tool for implementing Eugenic goals. 





5 thoughts on “Persons excluded from U.S. Citizenship / Eugenic History

  1. Oh, and what’s behind all of this *sifting* of prospective ‘persons to be accepted’?

    “Will you – the prospective ***member*** (of ‘this thing of ours’ / this gang) be a credit to us? Will you advance our cause, regardless of personal consequences? Will you slot deftly into the (magical) *great chain of being*? Will you fight so as to get to the top of the dominance hierarchy, without the evidence of a conscience – fight like a ***demon***, even? Finally, are you ***appropriately*** ‘dark triad/tetrad’ in all proper ways?”

    In short, Normdom is solely interested in ***proper*** recognisable intances of its own kind, and deviance from ‘the blond beast of prey’ is subject to disposal by the most expedient means.


  2. As in “the one true correct way of being’ that seems at the core of a lot of Normdom’s rubbish?

    Note: if you want to know who – and what – that looks like, just look at our current ‘illustrious leaders’. They seem to exemplify this (to a certai degree).


    • Psychopaths are the preferred leaders of “man” – they conveniently “give permission” and protection for the worst behaviors in the “male” repertoire – and can be “knocked off” without regret or conscience, if and when their insanity threatens the male hierarchy.


  3. I also read a blog in the last few months citing the 1917 restrictions favorably, as an example of what Americans should do now, to make sure only good white Christian family men or whatever are let in.

    I think you both miss the point.

    Seven years later, the federal government pretty much made it impossible to immigrate to the US no matter who you were (an exception was made for scientists fleeing totalitarian regimes the US opposed, and even they had to jump through some hoops). Other countries have done and still do this, and it was at the end of several decades of extremely high immigration, it was arguably needed to give the culture and the labor market time to absorb the new arrivals. But the point was that the country was moving to a cut off.

    The 1917 measure was a sort of halfway measure where officially the US still welcomed people in, but created so many reasons for rejection that in effect pretty much no one could get in. Often organizations will do this when they are moving towards a change of policy but won’t come out and just state it. Seven years later they put in the real policy they were working for. It is not, and was never intended to be, a practical policy on immigration.


    • The reality is that most “native born” American citizens (myself among them) are American citizens by simple “luck” – our ancestors made it here one way or another, welcome or not.


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