Is a Spiritual Life Possible in the U.S.?


This may sound like another “glib” Aspie conclusion, but I’m serious! Please see previous post: What does “Spiritual” Mean? / The Protestant Work Ethic

I’ve learned over recent years that when I feel distress of a vague nagging type, there is a “real” problem behind it. I believe this is true for many Americans, who may not recognize that the source is environmental. One of the awful trends in modern American life is this: if you are “depressed” which is a highly-exploited generalized “mental state”, it’s your problem. Life is the American Dream, and you are just not pulling your weight. Job loss, poverty, illness, grief, violent neighborhoods, natural disasters? Hey! Buck up and shut up. Don’t be a buzz-kill. See a therapist; take drugs.

In the previous post, we learned that the early Protestants, the Calvinists, believed in pre-destination: God has only so many “reserved seats” waiting in heaven, and if you are not a Chosen Person, your only recourse is to work your ass off for minimum wage for the Chosen People. This makes the Protestant Elite “rich” (of whatever race, ethnicity, religion or national origin), but we all know that these are conscientious people who plow all their profits back into their “wealth machines” here in the U.S.  This ensures good jobs and a worthwhile reason for the non-chosen masses to exist at all – putting in a lifetime of service to ensure that the seats around the boardroom table in heaven are occupied by the Elites. Sorry; there are no “leftover” seats in heaven. Unfortunately, the ever-growing tonnage of wealth tied up in the “wealth machine” is the magic ticket to heaven; it must grow and grow and grow.

“Spirituality” in Protestant cultures is at best an obligation on the part of the Elite to “not enjoy” their wealth but to amass a fortune, an obligation that passes to the heirs. As for the masses – well, if you don’t become rich, it’s because God didn’t choose you to be rich.

When spelled out so plainly, it’s a “scheme” that sane human beings (or cats and dogs, for that matter), would reject. But this is America, and from the beginning of the European invasion, the continent was sold as Heaven on Earth. A magical place in which you could buy a “seat in heaven” whether or not you were one of the Chosen People. Suddenly, Predestination had a lot of “wiggle room.”

It’s arguable just when the *”don’t enjoy your wealth” commandment disappeared from the Capitalist Playbook; it certainly doesn’t exist today. Neither does “spirituality”. Despite the U.S. being one of the more “religious” nations on Earth, any notion that we were ever a spiritual society is a sham.

* It may have been simple geometry: as the Middle Class grew, the hierarchy of wealth had to expand to include millions more Americans. What’s the point in being “rich” but unable to show it? – a Middle Class person might live a more luxurious material existence than a “millionaire” chosen person.

But- ain’t America great! A Spiritual Life (and elections) can be bought.





4 thoughts on “Is a Spiritual Life Possible in the U.S.?

  1. Normdom honestly believes ‘it creates its own reality’, and hence is commonly detatched from reality itself – and, in the limit is manifestly psychotic (which is likely to be at least part of why ‘psychotic’ and ‘psychopathic’ are so commonly confused’.

    In ‘disengaging from the ‘correct interpretation’ – what Normdom speaks of reality – which, like all other Normie versions of ‘truth’, is altogether ‘defined’…

    (General Order Number nine: “those in authority define truth.”)

    Defined by the ranking Normie in the group, and bought by his/her supplicants as if it dripped from the lips of God…

    Is this seeing what is actually present, e.g ‘glorious leader is poor, bind, and naked’ – or is this something else entirely?


    • Normdom! Individual people generally surprise me. Each person seems to have some notion of “natural beauty” and of the human capacity for goodness, kindness and generosity, but instead of these values being embraced as a “realization” in the here and now, these “living” phenomena seem out of reach; owned by someone else, held captive in some other world; regarded as “abnormal” and existing only as the abstraction called “hope”.


  2. Only if you are a strong-enough magic(k)ian that you can overwrite reality by the force of your will, you mean. (Ranking Norms, especially those who possess potent ‘reality-distortion fields’, appear to believe they can do this.)

    Otherwise, you have two choices *at best*: if you assay choosing to be spiritual (in truth), you are likely to be killed (in very short order; three years is an eon when you are bucking the system to *that* degree.) Or, you can ‘game the system’ by fostering the appearance of spirituality, but in truth acting under the influence of another kind of spirit altogether.

    Namely, you become a ***real-life*** Elmer Gantry, complete with a horde of evil spirits giving you ‘psychopath-vision’ and ‘psychopath-ability’ – such that you develop ‘acquired situational psychopathy’ – which looks like the precise opposite of true spirituality.

    The options, in truth, are those. Normdom, taken as a whole, simply hasn’t gotten serious enough about embracing its ‘true and inward nature’ – and manifesting outwardly what it actually ***is*** inwardly. (Narcissistic psychopaths)

    That, ultimately, is why people like us haven’t been herded en-masse into the crematoria – and why Normdom hasn’t gotten *close* to becoming one-soul’d.


    • You are much more pessimistic than I am; I am starting to understand, that one must disengage entirely from the mental paradigm that “all humans’ assume to be reality. I know this seems impossible – and in your estimation would require “magic’ – but what it requires is concrete but creatively flexible thinking to a degree that NONE of us is capable of at birth, throughout our childhood development, and especially once we are made “brain dead” to further growth by means of socio-cultural indoctrination.

      Just posted something this morning that you may like about mass social ritual and Asperger ritual.


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