Understanding Neurodiversity / Neuro-exceptional Reality


I doubt that social typical people “get it” – that is, that being Aspie is a “way of being” that unfolds-develops-becomes a person with an “exceptional” sensory and brain processing type. Exceptional, not meaning “superior” but out of the ordinary, just as an athlete or musician may demonstrate “exceptional” talents and abilities in those areas.

We are born this way; the result is necessarily our own diverse “psychology” that varies between individuals, just as it does across Homo sapiens, but we share certain characteristics that seem to be “hard-core” or “wired in” and this determines our “different” type of brain function. One is a dominant visual orientation. This in itself accounts for our peculiar-eccentric-strange affect and behavior in social situations. As I have outlined in other posts, like many Aspies I am adept at verbal language, but it is a “second language”, subordinate to my natural, inborn “intuitive” style of thinking. The crux is that Aspies are continuingly translating “picture ideas” into words; pictures are dense with information; images are cross-referenced and updated automatically, which makes “translation into word language” an arduous task. The amount of information “in our memories” is vast and our “pattern – structure processing and identification is suited to natural environments, which are products of specific matter energy “rules”

Modern manmade environments are like a “war zone” for our senses; this includes the seemingly never-ending bombardment of our awareness by harsh lighting, mechanical sounds, chemical irritants, and the intense “jarring” verbal exchanges between individuals and groups, which “sound like” ceaseless battles over getting attention and status seeking – conflicts which are never resolved, but must go on and on in order to maintan a hierarchical power structure that is rigid, but open to constant skirmishes “at the borders”. No one seems satisfied with stability; challenges and ugly attacks are acceptable. So is bullying, dishonesty, and rampant insincerity; inequality is required by the “structure” of the system; a pyramid of “who counts” necessitates discrimination, injustice and suffering.

So – you can see that the social order that we are tasked with fitting into, conforming to and embracing as “reality” encompasses a wide range of experiences, from physical environments to ethical and moral considerations. We spend a lot of time listening, observing and “self-protecting” – out of necessity. And yes, we “run away” when social conditions literally harm our precious equilibrium, which is a “totality” of feeling that derives from the natural world; from physical reality: that “bedrock of all existence” which social people ignore. The logic of forms, structures and forces which create physical reality is the environment that “matches” our physiology and sets the parameters of our psychology.

What is especially disturbing is that the “helping, caring, fixing industry” (which is what I call the profit-making industry that rakes in over $9 BILLION per year in the U.S. alone in “autism” revenues) is a mega-business that literally owns ASD-Autism-Asperger’s-Mental-Illness because its “priests” control the definition of “pathologic human behavior” and present these “socio-cultural judgements” to the public and to government agencies as “universal standards” – not true! The industry receives millions in tax-payer funding; fuels Big Pharma profits, and they really don’t care whose lives they “screw up”.

It is in their primary interest ($$$) to treat “us” like a commodity (like chickens, hogs or soybeans) – and to control that commodity in the “marketplace”. “Chronic illness” of every type, (such as diabetes, heart disease) is so profitable because each patient becomes a lifelong “slave” to the medical system. Ring a bell? That’s what has been done to “autism” – a manufactured epidemic sucking in billions and “trapping” hundreds of thousands of people, from birth to death, in the profit system. The last thing the HCFI want is accurate diagnosis or effective treatment. As it stands, almost any child can be thrown into the “autistic” pot because there is no “credible” diagnosis; autism in the U.S. today is no more “real” than the hysteria provoked by an ever-expanding intrusion into the lives of children and their families by the “helping, caring, fixing” industry which holds incredible power over the fate of children in the U.S. This “withcraft” type inquisition, in which children are labeled as “outcasts” from birth, merely for social reasons, is intolerable, and cheats children who do have disabilities that can be identified and treated from receiving care; limited funding turns treatment opportunities into a political competition, fueling more fear and hysteria.

Unrealistic demands that supposedly define “normal” childhood development and performance subject children and their parents to threats of social condemnation and exile. This is an especially cruel consequence for social typical Americans whose “value” depends on their status in the social hierarchy. The Social Pyramid is always the underlying measure of “who gets what” in our “land of opportunity” As for ASD “folks” we aren’t even on the pyramid; our indifference to status, our “world view” and way of being really do prevent us from being accepted as “legimate” human beings. Still – we inevitably are involved in surviving within a majority “magical-irrational-social reality” that dominates the U.S. Try to comprehend the accommodations this situation requires. It is “common sense” that we suffer “symptoms-reactions” that are not internal to our native “being” but are the result of severe challenges and “rejection” by people who cannot accept that Homo sapiens is a highly diverse species; and that modern social humans are not “the one and only” definition of what it is to be “human’.



One thought on “Understanding Neurodiversity / Neuro-exceptional Reality

  1. “To be psychopathic in form and vision is the highest goal of Normie society.”
    The one true correct way of being, the ultimate (magical) goal of Nimrod-emulating eugenicists; to be ‘one people, one empire, and one leader’…

    Neuroconvergence – the one-soul’d nation – where everyone is fully Gleichschaltung’d into the Volksgemeinschaft; and every social/neurological impurity has been ***expunged*** from the social organism.

    Then the tower will be built anew -and this time, it will be more than flattened.


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