The Real Housewives of the Paleolithic / Evolutionary Psych

Hey, Bitch - I ain't sharing my meat with no brunette.

Why do the blonds get laid, but not me?

You just can’t make this stuff up, unless you are an Evolutionary Psychologist.

Why do men find blonde women so very attractive?

Carole Jahme, THE GUARDIAN

Sexual selection would certainly have been a powerful driving force behind evolution in northern Europeans. Late Palaeolithic females in southern Europe and Africa could forage for food and feed themselves and their infants, with males occasionally supplementing their diet with meat. In northern Europe, however, where ice covered much of the terrain, people were dependent on meat. Bands of men went in search of herds of prehistoric bison or mammoth. These hunting trips were dangerous, resulting in many fatalities.

It has been suggested that as a result this was a time of intense sexual rivalry between females due to their numbers exceeding those of males.3 At any given time far more fertile women than men were left unmated, so females had to compete for mates and for a favourable share of meat. (No pun intended?) The theory is that when given the choice, Pelaeolithic males chose blondes, who stood out from their rivals. (Or were blondes simply sluts? Now that’s genius!)

Evo Psych: Always ridiculously entertaining.

Let’s see; we’re presuming that one woman – one man “marriage” was standard in northern Europe during the Late Paleolithic (who new that Christianity was so old!) Monogamy was strictly followed or enforced, and all those “leftover” women found that there were no males who would forgo their strict vows of monagamy and satisfy “brunettes” behind the big rock at the edge of town. Contrary to today’s rampant adultery, males had no interest in “bonus” sex or passing their “seed” to more children.




2 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of the Paleolithic / Evolutionary Psych

  1. The Guardian actually publishes, more than most, enough good and factual articles to not really have to resort to this sort of filler.

    But you are correct. First, for whatever reason the vast majority of humans are brunettes. A small minority, descendent from tribes who lived near the Arctic, have blond hair and an almost trivial minority have red hair. Usually people in minority groups this size tend to run into difficulties in advancing in human “hyper-social” societies. For some reason, enough of the vast brown-haired majority have decided that hairs of other tints are desirable to the extent that lots of women (and a few men) will dye their hair that color. If you see a person with blond hair or red hair its been died that way. It occurs so naturally as to pretty much be freakish.


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