Aspie Females / More Male than Female Friends?

Its a question that comes up often: Do female Aspergers prefer (or gravitate to) male friends? Anecdotal information indicates a big


It makes sense: Men “do” things in the world. Wonderfully amazing things that have to do with how the world works: science, engineering, architecture, all types of exploration, construction, and design. Yes, women may participate today in these fields, but we must face the fact that men overwhelmingly invented modern material civilization.


As I often point out, the male capacity for good judgement (wisdom) is almost entirely lacking, and frankly,


Human Intelligence, creativity, skill and labor are diverted into the never-ending quest to kill masses of human beings and to destroy the planet that we depend on. However, if you mention this gaping flaw, men go berserk.

This is no small problem.


Neither is the clash between Asperger females and hypersocial females

A common anecdotal complaint by Asperger females regarding friendships with hypersocial women is that they are “vicious, unfriendly backstabbers”. Their conversations are boring, narcissistic and self-defeating. Transparent manipulation to elicit compliments is rampant, even when these are compliments are lies. They go on and on about how fat they are, what diet they’re trying, which cosmetics to buy, and obsess over the moronic details of “celebrity” lives. But the worst addiction is to

“relentless and mean gossip”

This doesn’t preclude friendships between Aspie females and neurotypical females; many good relationships form in early childhood before relentless and excessively narrow gender constraints are forced upon girls – a social system that transforms young women into aggressive combatants in a terrifying war for female social status. What social women rarely understand is that buying into this system confines women in a

“pink ghetto”

Crippling social problems persist for female Aspergers who wish to establish our “femininity” as compatible with, and appropriate to, our intellectual identity, a “reality” which is utterly taboo for both male and female neurotypicals.



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