A Look Back / Children of Darkness 1983

If this doesn’t break your heart, you have no heart. And where are we after half-century of “social engineering” by “human behavior experts”?

Jails and prisons; street life, homelessness…illegal drugs and persistent reliance on PRESCRIPTION medication – abuse by the “helping, fixing, caring” industry which “earns’ immense profits from exploiting the misery of human beings.

Follow the money…it’s always about money. There is always money for the miserable SOBs at the top of the pyramid, for whom there are no consequences. Nazis? We rant and rave about Nazis as the ultimate evil? They live among us; granted the employment, means, and permission to torture our children, and even to drive thousands to suicide. This abuse from 1983 has not ended, but has been expanded to include millions of U.S. citizens.



2 thoughts on “A Look Back / Children of Darkness 1983

  1. More than merely money, though -that alien ‘alternate dimension’ named ‘the social world’ ultimately runs on ***power***.

    Money is just another ‘testament of rank’ / ‘a useful sigil’ /’a potent fetish’ there.

    Sometimes I feel like Carlos Castaneda regarding that particular ‘corner of hell’ -I might not live there, but I certainly get my share of ‘guided tours’. Or perhaps this is closer to CG Jung? I do not know!


    • Actually, I think it is about money: that’s what makes it repulsive – evil is “banal”, bourgeois, careless, unthinking, the fruit of indifference. Life is worth nothing; a good gun is worth more than a child. It’s true all over the world.


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