A hunter uses physical evidence to gauge time. .


Walking in plunging cold, hindered by

an arctic parka, ski mask, gloves, and sunglasses;

nose bare, boots breaking through wind-crusted snow,

and foundering like a cow in the softness below;

An old woman is a poor icebreaker.


Zeros dash across the days of the week: snow falls like dust some mornings,

the atmosphere so cold that crystals won’t grow, but in a stony field,

is a field of frost; a carpet of crystals like the wings of white moths

at rest on the snow, motionless and sun flashing.

Trucks have come this way, digging deep into the mud; throwing rocks,

the sage brush crushed and splintered, the road lost –

half bushes remain, the rest flattened.


An Old Woman is a poor ice breaker

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