Dog Model of the Self-Domestication of Modern Neotenic Humans

The Rise of the Dog | Full Episode


“This film explores how the domestication of dogs might have taken place, including the theory of biologist Raymond Coppinger that it was the animals themselves — and human trash — that inspired the transformation. The genetic analysis of Peter Savolainen of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden has placed the origins of domesticated dogs — and those of the first dog — in East Asia.”



Comment: Some typical “fanciful” assertions and about both “wild humans and dogs” – a bit “airy-fairy” about our treatment of dogs and other animals, behavior which is too often horrifically brutal, but I think it’s increasingly obvious that the evolution of dogs by both natural selection, self-domestication and extreme artificial selection by humans is a model for how contemporary Homo sapiens “came to be” a paedogenic-neotenic domesticated animal. We too, are a collection of “breeds” known by each other using mostly derogatory labels and outright lies about physical, cultural, and moral inferiorities: Race, subhuman intelligence, claims of being “chosen” by God, the supremacy of religious belief systems, poltical arrangements, languages, social hierarchies and even “fashion” or “beauty” judgements. Any imaginable “difference” is exploited to denigrate ‘other breeds” or human variation.

Humans! An ongoing evolutionary marvel and disaster.

And yes, I suspect that Asperger’s are less domesticated than hyper-social, magical thinking “neurotypicals” – with a sensory apparatus and brain type that processes the environment more like our “wild ancestors” – just as some dog breeds retain behavior and traits that are closer to their wolf ancestor than the many highly altered and neotenic “pet” breeds. The health consequences of “over-domestication” are alarmingly similar in humans, both mentally and physically.

But, like dogs – we never seem to let “social riles” totally prevent “natural” reproductive practices between “different types” of humans. Nature perhaps knows best!


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