Wyoming compared to the United Kingdom / updated bonus video

United Kingdom (an entire country): 243,000 Sq. Kilometers (95% the area of WY) / 64.1 million population.

Wyoming (one U.S. State): 295,000 Sq. Kilometers / 548,000 population.

I often stress that our pre-agricultural (forager, hunter-gatherer) ancestors could not possibly be physically, behaviorally and psychologically identical to contemporary neotenic, hyper-social humans, and yet archaeologists, anthropologists and psychologists promote this bizarre fiction. This uniformity isn’t even true today.


Remove 63.5 million people from the present day UK. That’s Wyoming. I guarantee that even in a modern global economy, Wyomingites and Londoners have far different “ways” of being human and of adapting to the environment, because the environments are drastically different, especially the social environment. The effects of environment on behavior are rarely considered when over-generalizing “modern” humans. It is assumed that white urban academics define Homo sapiens as  a species – obviously an idiotic belief.

There is not one human brain type, nor is there one prescription for human behavior.


White Hall Palace, London.

White Hall dormitory on U of WY campus in Laramie. The tallest building in the state at 11 stories – 134′. Also reported as 12 or 13 stories and 200′ tall by various blips on the internet. As usual, no one seems to know.


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