Coming up for air / Asperger Defense against “Voo-doo” Psychology


Hi! We’re normal and you’re not. How do we know? A psychologist told us so.


I spend far too much time reading academic studies for which I don’t necessarily have the technical background to decipher methods and mathematical manipulations, but which are a gold mine of insight into the thinking patterns of researchers.


Whoa! This is a big problem.

  1. Asperger’s IS NOT a MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS. It is a “constructed” condition, the diagnosis of which depends on subjective interpretation of a person’s BEHAVIOR as judged by a psychology manual, that uses standards (guesses) about a hypothetical “normal human” – against which all other humans must be compared. These so-called standards are not universal, but codify social “norms” that originate in western cultures, and have been compiled by a handful of “founding fathers of psychology” – men with their own specific and highly prejudiced (often religious and patriarchal) belief systems that taint their assumptions about human behavior; the focus is on pathology, not on biological health.
  2. It is a huge (and illegitimate) leap from a social-behavioral diagnosis to the assumption that “something must be wrong with the Asperger brain.” The attempt to “quantify and prove” these “scam theories” using brain scans is fraud: These technologies ONLY MEASURE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES and NOT PSYCHOLOGICAL CONCEPTS. Neuroscience is suffering a credibility crisis for willingly participating in the perversion of its knowledge and technology toward “proving” non-scientifically credible claims.
  3. It is fraud to look for a “something-anything” in a non-scientific study to use as a causal mechanism – making the mistake of crossing categorical boundaries to do so. That is, how does a statistical artifact explain, cause, or have ANY relationship to a culturally-defined set of behaviors, which have no proven origin in brain function nor pathology?
  4. The low, low number of participants in many of these studies renders them useless.
  5. There is no control group: merely grabbing a handful of children that you assume to be normal, by default and without question, is NOT SCIENCE. It’s lazy and dishonest. A “normal person” is a generalized idea and not an actual person; nor is “normal behavior” the province of one group of people who “own” human behavior – which all humans must “mimic” or otherwise be labeled defective.
  6. Observations promoted by psychologists are not questioned: ‘It is generally accepted that Aspergers have poor or delayed language skills but suddenly become proficient – eventually.” The assumption is that because parents or teachers don’t “hear” a child speak “on time” that he or she is not learning language. Other possibilities are not explored. Some children do not develop language by copying vocalizations, but instead listen intently and speak when they have mastered “whole language” skills. We often hear the complaint that Asperger children are annoying because they “suddenly” speak in complete sentences like adults. We just can’t win!

The most astonishing aspect of social interpretation of “Asperger” people is the total inversion of “advanced intelligence” into childhood pathology –




One thought on “Coming up for air / Asperger Defense against “Voo-doo” Psychology

  1. I have noted the tendency towards few participants in many types of psychological research. If there is not even a control group, how exactly can you possibly be showing anything at all?

    Sometimes there aren’t enough people to create a proper study. The researcher should be careful to point that out as one of the weaknesses of the study. But often I do not see that. One child I know of has a diagnosis that about 3 (three) children total in Norway have. Another child has an almost as rare disease. Drawing certainties from them is impossible.

    Aspergers are just people who apparently have/do not have a set of social qualifications. But not all societies define those traits as weaknesses. I’ll bet more people in those societies have the traits that tend to be demonized in the West. Plus the myths surrounding Aspergers are many and strange. Like the idea that we are without empathy. That stuck around a long time. Probably still is around.

    Science is not always science. Not unless it is done properly. Bias gets in the way all too often.


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