Archaeology / One Vast Dim-witted Conspiracy

Winter 2017, Cover Stories, Daily News

ASU scientist finds advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest

You can go read the article if you like: all kinds of fantastic claims are made about the Anasazi having used “advanced geometry” to design and plan their structures. Apparently, the archaeologist didn’t even examine the site, but used a satellite photo to “establish” this groundbreaking work.

I simply want to point out ONE of the many anomalies in her graphic imposition of geometric figures onto the photo of the fancifully named “Sun Temple” at Mesa Verde, Co.


High walls that produce large shadows.


The “Sun Temple” was never completed! It was abandoned.

From: NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research HAO High Altitude Observatory website “…the Sun Temple stands at the heart of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, and was probably meant to serve as a ceremonial center for the surrounding population, estimated to number at least 600 in the thirteenth century. Whether the ceremonies taking place in the Sun Temple (if any) had anything to do with the Sun will remain forever unknown.”


“Discovery” by the ASU “scientist” – Susan Terry


The structure isn’t even aligned with compass directions.

In the cropped section below, notice the two points that I’ve highlighted with pink circles: the one on the right shows that the 90* corner (red line) is positioned ON THE TOP OF THE WALL, but the point where the red line intersects and defines the apex of the supposed 45* right triangle, (yellow line that goes through point “B”) IS ACTUALLY LOCATED ON THE GROUND, AT THE EDGE OF THE SHADOW CAST BY THE WALL. Are we to believe that the builders, CHOSE to use a point created by a shadow, and that by “some miraculous coincidence”, the satellite passed over the site on the very same day of the year, at the very same time of day, as when the builders chose that point 800 years earlier?


Note below, that either of two (green) points, actually located on the structure, if used to “draw” the geometry, screw up the entire scheme! One produces a smaller triangle; the other does not produce a 45* right triangle, which hardly matters, since all the points (except A,B,C) are placed at arbitrary points along the walls to begin with!




2 thoughts on “Archaeology / One Vast Dim-witted Conspiracy

  1. Oh, what a crap! They got it all wrong. It’s obviously the head of a robot. His eyes (yes, it’s a male robot) being B and C. But what is he holding at the right side of his head (A)? Well, it’s a weapon. What else would it be?
    See? Another proof of contact with aliens!
    The reasoning of this archaeologist reminds me of Cyclosophy. Dutch astronomer Cornelis de Jager has shown some 25 years ago that producers of bicycles are hiding a profound understanding of astronomy and an advanced knowledge of physics in the measurements of bikes.


    • Thanks for the tip on de Jager – while his work is a parody of stuff like this archaeological paper, unfortunately, “New Age” pseudoscience is taken seriously in the U.S. Another exploitation of long dead indigenous folks who are interesting in themselves and don’t need this junk heaped on them to be important to human history. I have visited many of these ruins over the years: the archaeological B.S. has reburied them. Sad! They are so lovely without
      all the neurotypical word crap that is pumped out by the park service, etc.”.


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