Who do ya love?

Dogs, of course…



Fred: I had to give him up because I’m sick and couldn’t take care of him. I miss him so much! My heart is broken.


Connie: My Mud & Truck buddy. How many miles did we trek across the countryside? Gone now, for seven years.


Serafina: My little fox. I bought her at a flea market in New Mexico and brought her to Wyoming 22 years ago.


Dexa: Still with me. Eleven years old. We’re two little old ladies together

Just Dogs! But I loved them all.




2 thoughts on “Who do ya love?

  1. I hate losing pets. Every time it hurts. Even after so many. There are some that stand out of the many that have been through my life.

    Soxie was a much-loved cat we had to leave behind in Australia. That gutted me.

    The next serious heart-break was a hamster. These little kritters don’t care much about their humans, but I adored it anyways. I called it Soxie without an ounce of intended irony.

    Then I have our current dog. Of all the dogs I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with, she holds my heart the most. I am a dog-person at heart. She is 9. Once she leaves our life, there will likely be no more animals. She will also be one who breaks my heart.

    If my husband lives until that time, I will have him to comfort me.


    • Fred was such an ornery dog and caused a lot of trouble. He needed much more exercise than I could provide: without a leash he would run away -impossible to catch – really dangerous both in town and out in the country. His new owners conveyed the same complaints to the shelter where he was adopted. Not enticed by food treats – really unmanageable, but, so endearing at the same time. A big warm lump to cuddle with on the couch. I’m not allowed to contact them directly, and I worry that he may attack ranch stock and be shot or put down. It’s better that I don’t know, but it bothers me a great deal.

      I wish I could have a cat, but my sweet little Dexa is a small mammal killer! I think I’m particularly stressed because she will be my last dog; Fred was still young. But, what can one do? I know how you feel about your present dog growing old. It is heartbreaking to lose any pet!


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