ED Video / Social Filter OMG! I rest my case

This typifies American education!

Note how all these rules about speaking and language create and confirm the social hierarchy – no one is allowed to be authentic or genuine, but must accept their rank on the pyramid.  Eventually kids go berserk from the stress of this repressive regime and become exceedingly rude, mean, angry and utilize social media to punish each other, often with serious consequences.

Again, we have black and white categories; no alternative behaviors are offered that create interactive respect between adults and children.

And I’m sure that videos such as this have a dramatic positive effect on student behavior. LOL


One thought on “ED Video / Social Filter OMG! I rest my case

  1. And, one must have one’s own personal copy of that vast and impenetrable look-up table so as to know upon the instant who one must ‘worship’ (by attention, obedience, and imitation). Normdom names this ’empathy’ (the capacity to mind-read; this word is both commonly confused as to meaning AND is most likely actually a myth, if one speaks of most professional literature; the confusion is due to D. Goleman presuming that one is constrained toward prosocial behavior, and antisocial behavior is a consequence of not knowing the sense and feelings of others.)

    The reality is that when one has one’s own copy of that accursed image, it causes a resonant condition whereby one can discern a *few* simple matters, i.e. ‘is this person human, less-than-human (and therefore evil, and deserving abuse) or MORE-THAN-HUMAN’.

    That last category commonly scores 30 or more on the psychopathy checklist revised-version.

    Autists (regardless of presentation or ‘functioning’ level) present as ”less than human’ due to the absence of that internal image. This is why it is so commonly IMPOSSIBLE to get along with many Normies – they’ve got that image, and you or I do not – which means they automatically see themselves as immeasurably superior to us in every conceivable way.
    When this happens, the only long-term relationship that’s likely to happen is a ‘relation of domination’ (Slavery and Social Death, Patterson) – where the Normie or Normies are Masters, and we are their slaves.


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