Visual Thinking / Before Words Took Over the World…

 …all Human beings were visual artists

dongba-yunnand6f7e8a81a39d160eccd4eede17f580b asian-turks88d453cb7026d264c411b2d54439cee3 african-women-tribal-portraits-omo-valley-omar-reda-1inuitwomankachina-cropkalash-bomburet-valleyarticle-2558759-1b77500000000578-243_470x652kayapoimagesm2oen7kplahu-viet-nam-ethnic-groupmaori_new_zealand_costumes_tattoosmatses-peru-6ef846987610f7680c5a29cd37e4b5a0miao-2574a57a0aba34dca20b309d195f7780nenets-siberia35d6849314af4f44844f321e225646f1

seminoleothers_1 shoshone_indian_tribe_chieflong-tale surma9 Tajik Woman, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China talking-sticksblackfootqiang-w-china182436



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