Homo sapiens / THE BIG MYTH

Note: There is growing consensus that “Homo antecessor” is Homo erectus, and that Homo heidelbergensis is a questionable “filler” species. (Eurocentric fear of “black” people.)

Provocative assertion in this video: The old myth that Homo sapiens, “wiped out or replaced by superior brains and behavior” Neanderthals in Europe, the Middle East and Western Asia.

Then why do “outside-of-sub-Saharan Africa” Homo sapiens (Eurasians) look nothing like original African Homo sapiens, but closely resemble Neanderthals?

LEFT: Early Homo sapiens: 160,000 y.a. North Africa (Morocco)


Aboriginal Australians: Descendants of African Homo sapiens. “The original H. sapiens”


Early photo of an Aboriginal Australian. Scientists have for the first time sequenced the genome of a man who was an Aboriginal Australian. They have shown that modern day Aboriginal Australians are the direct descendents of the first people who arrived on the continent some 50,000 years ago and that those ancestors left Africa earlier than their European and Asian counterparts. Credit: University of Copenhagen


Australian Aboriginals, 1902, Wyndham Prison.


Ab – original women; “from the original”



Comparison early Homo sapiens (out of Africa period?) and Neanderthal. Neanderthals are “cold-and dry adapted”


A "northern" Homo sapiens, the product of adaptations (mostly recent) to temperate - arctic geography and climate. WHY THEN, do I hate winter???? LOL

A “northern” Homo sapiens, the product of adaptations to temperate / sub-arctic geography and climate. WHY THEN, do I hate winter???? LOL

Eurasians don’t “look like” the original Homo sapiens who migrated out of Africa into tropical regions (and also populated Africa)  – Southern India, SE Asia, Australia, Melanesia – where their descendants still look like “original” Homo sapiens. Modern Africans also “look like” original Homo sapiens.

Eurasians “look like” Neanderthals, and why not? Homo Neanderthalensis had adapted to temperate and sub-arctic environments: “African” sapiens (the original) had not. If they were essentially the same species (I think we can say yes!) traits and features of Neanderthals would have likely prevailed (been selected) as Neanderthal and “African H. sapiens” (the original) interbred. Remember – Eurasian LIGHT SKIN (and blue eyes) is a recent mutation, which spread only within the last few thousand years, so we cannot “imagine” that Neanderthals (or early H. sapiens) had light skin or blue eyes! (Asian light skin is due to a different mutation).

We cling to the tired old story that “Neanderthal” were an inferior and separate species, and that “WE” (modern NEOTENIC) Europeans who didn’t even exist until recently – and didn’t overlap with Neanderthals) were so superior (and ruthless, violent and aggressive) that we “exterminated” Neanderthals. Baloney – “WE” are the product of hybridization and migration; inheritors of Neanderthal adaptations to the geography and changeable climate of Eurasia, which occurred long before “WE” came on the scene – and also of “new” mutations and selections that arose recently, in the Caucasus region and the Middle East.

Ironically, we might view modern EuroAmericans as “Neanderthals” who have been trying to eradicate the original “Homo sapiens” from the face of the earth!



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