Video / Guy takes Asperger Test: Aye, yai, yai!

If you think that this “test” has ANY VALIDITY you must be an idiot.

This “questioning” would never be allowed in a law court: leading questions; hearsay; self-incrimination. Notice how many times the question is “absolute” (never, always) but the test taker equivocates – “not really” but I’ll answer “yes” “kind of” “a bit” adding to the score. The TT “underestimates” himself (from what I would observe); some areas of low self-esteem that are likely “environmental” (experience arising from social judgements, teasing or the perfectly normal and common male “nervousness” around females.)

Many of the questions are extremely repetitive: if you answer “yes” the first time, you’re going to answer yes for all similar questions, “padding” the score. A chunk of the questions will be “bogus- irrelevant” – not used in calculating a score, but the TT doesn’t know that; the presence of the “irrelevant” questions does affect his or her “view” of “Aspergers” as a “diagnosis of disorder” that affects all answers.

And most importantly: What connects ANY of these questions to each other as “symptoms” of Aspergers?

There is no connection except in the feeble minds of those who “design” monstrosities of thought. The questions are SO VAGUE, generalized, subject to interpretation and “unimportant” that that they apply to everyone, but become “Asperger” when isolated within a test labeled “Asperger”. By labeling it as a test to indicate that the taker is likely to be Asperger, or not, the content is contaminated: if someone “wants to be Asperger” for whatever reason (a group of people likely to volunteer to take a test), then it is “human nature” to answer “yes” to questions that would “please” that expectation, especially those that ask, “does your behavior deviate from ‘normal'”?

On top of all that, what is the “standard” that the person’s answers are being compared to? The TT is being asked to “rate” oneself against an unknown (and non-existent) “majority” of “normal” humans  INVENTED by the test makers – obsessed with judging the most miniscule and unrelated bits of “behavior” in other people and without any awareness that “other” cultures have ideas all their own about what is acceptable.

Pretty damn CREEPY and an insult to ALL humans. 




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