Neanderthal Bashing / A Case of Siblicide?

Siblicide –


Archaic Homo sapiens may have “killed off” Neanderthals (or tried to) simply because the two species were so similar – brothers, kin, family. Attacks on Neanderthal  viability and intelligence continue today as “propaganda” siblicide. The verdict is: Homo sapiens  won, period.  Any other explanation is resisted.

I’ve been delving into the visual system of modern social Homo sapiens,  archaic Homo sapiens (contemporaries of Homo Neanderthalensis) and the Big N himself (females are never mentioned) in order to show that modern hyposocial Homo sapiens, that is, Asperger types, have a perception-processing system organized toward visual thinking.

I’m not claiming that Asperger individuals ARE Neanderthals or have a “Neanderthal” brain, but that our brain is “anchored” by visual perception and processing (thinking) which is extremely common in the natural environment – especially in animals that hunt. Every day I am reminded of this adaptation by the presence of eagles, hawks and ravens that soar above our wide open desert and can spot rabbits and rodents as if these flyers are hooked in to Google satellite maps. Ravens are “social” in the sense that they co-operate as family groups; hawks often hunt in pairs, eagles are usually solitary, but if a carcass is spotted, all these hunters descend upon it, working out a “pecking order” by simple size or bravado.

The visual brain is a terrific asset – thousands of variations of a “light sensor” have been produced by evolution: Why then, is poor Homo neanderthalensis the only species to receive the wrath of modern social humans for having (no sane and fair person would claim this) eyes that were TOO BIG and a visual cortex that was so monstrously HUGE that it led to their extinction? Dozens of like-minded other absurdities undergo “scientific study” (Just So Stories) to PROVE that “WE” – modern social (male) humans, (who are a neotenous species of Homo) beat the pants off Neanderthals with “social networks” a “social brain” and “social cognition.”

Once again, this morning, I spent some time reviewing Neanderthal brain, Neanderthal visual cortex but was soon overwhelmed by that familiar pattern, that no matter whether or not the material is academic, pop science or off-the approved internet circuit, the under-over tone is one of BASHING Neanderthals. A phrase such as, “We no longer see Neanderthal as a stupid shambling cave man” is an introduction to an article or paper that does proceeds to do just that, by attacking every characteristic 9and inventing most of these) that continues to jack up the infantile claim that Homo sapiens is the pinnacle of creation / evolution.

Anyone who as read even a few of my posts will be aware that my “pet peeve” is the projection of social juvenile-narcissistic (neoteny) psychology onto the universe; a fantasy in which every object, living or not, bows down to Homo sapiens. Why? Because the child mind demands it.

But why, when Homo neanderthalensis has been upgraded by geneticists to be our brother, cousin, family member – kin, donator of genes, is the  persistent response mean-spirited; Big N is the object of increasing academic trash talk and frantic bullying by neurotypicals, who self-aggrandize their own meager intellectual achievements.

One can see in my dismay and defense of Neanderthals the Asperger trait of fairplay. How can a reasonable person defame and attack a human species that (we believe) became extinct 30,000 years ago, after successfully migrating into and surviving in tough environments that were extremely different to the tropical regions of hominid origins. These are people who ought to be respected as pioneers.


HS left: Big N right. A case of Cain and Abel?

HS left: Big N right. A case of Cain and Abel?

Siblicide is a common theme in the mythology and literature of Homo sapiens.
A version written for children:

“And even though God loved both brothers as much as anyone could ever be loved, Cain thought God loved Abel more than him. So from that day on, Cain began to think mean things about his younger brother.

He kept thinking them and thinking them. And the more he thought them, the harder it was to stop. And the more he thought them, the meaner his thoughts became. Until one day he planned a terrible thing.

He said to his brother on a bright, sunny morning, “Abel, come with me out into the fields.”

“Sure,” Abel said, because he loved his big brother, and trusted him. And so he walked with his brother out into the fields. And when Cain got Abel out where nobody could see or hear them, he took a rock and he killed his brother Abel.




5 thoughts on “Neanderthal Bashing / A Case of Siblicide?

  1. Uh, upon a ***third*** reading…

    Politics (regardless of scale or milieu) would seem to be one of the more pernicious outworkings of Normie ‘nature religion’ – that largely-innate mostly- instinctual drive toward ‘getting to the top of the dominance hierarchy’ that seems the (actual) goal/focus of most Normie endeavors.

    I’ve gotten about a third of the way through “Call from the cave: our cruel nature and quest for power,” and ***eek!***, Huer and I seem to have been reading from the same notebook regarding ‘Human (Normie) Nature’! Calling Normies ‘power-obsessed amoral predators’ is nothing but the un-shellac’d truth!

    Been doing shellac some lately – I can handle the fumes better than most other finishes any more.


  2. It would seem that ‘a touch of autism’ (however that might be specified) is needed so as to be grounded in reality, rather than living (like most Norms) in a wholy-defined witchcraft-manifested world, where ‘all truth is #defined’ (they speak of it being relative, which is a lie; ‘truth is whatever the most powerful person SAYS it is’) and ‘ALL rules are arbitrary’ (as in ‘the powerful MAKE the rules so as to benefit themselves, and their property best not object to it’)

    Note: #defined comes from ‘c’ programming – as in it’s used in the beginning of a program to define constants (locally)


  3. Perhaps they think it to be ‘religion’ – but I doubt, for many, it is the conventional more-or-less-organised variety that the bulk of Normdom is actually following.

    What the bulk of Normdom is actually following looks closer to old-line Hinduism/ hermeticism (the two are markedly similar; that only occurred to me in the last few days).

    This inner belief is deduced through observation of Normie behaviors. (Since it’s a rare Normie that will own up to it, unless he or she iss regarded as a complete “lunatic” by the rest of Normdom, e.g. Shirley Mcclain (sp?))

    Since ‘pakhan’ (gulag archipelago) seems to be after not merely ‘maximal dominance’, but also ‘destruction for its own sake’ (so as to bring us proles into line better; our suffering tells him he controlls us completely) I think it wise to resume work on ‘a treatise upon the nature of Normies’ – with the goal of its *free* samizdat disimulation.

    Pakhan is simply an extreme Normie – a more constistent Normie -and, due to his power, a most-dangerous Normie. (Yes, I am saying all Normal people are potential bullies…)


  4. “Difference is evil;
    Torment, amusing;
    And cruelty, an answer to boredom.”

    That was the start of the fiction taking place at (~2002)

    It would seem that it describes the hatred of our self-styled Normal ‘overlords’ for us as an (amorphous) faceless ‘mass’ of personified evil.

    “The manifested evil in nature…)

    To be ***marked*** in that fashion -and to keep the swarming hoards of ‘power-obsessed amoral predators’ (otherwise known as Nts) alive was our job; and our mental differences in that world were marked by outward prenatal and/or aquired disfigurement ‘as a sign and portent’.

    I have to credit a few writers for my inspiration – T, L, and a few like them – oh, and Edgar, too. (The first two mentioned dodged hot lead in ww1’s trenches; that tends to remove BS from people.)

    Hope ol’ frump isn’t getting you too down. It feels like this place here is turning into L’amerika – wall-to-wall witchcraft, witches, and the worst dystopia I’ve ever heard of…


    • Dear Dennis: I can always count on you for literary references that I would never come up with. I have a secret: I’m not the least disturbed by current American insanity: it’s who we are and always have been. The generation of the “Founding Fathers” was the anomaly in human political history – too intelligent; too tolerant; too Asperger. Did they really think that future (NT) Americans would be able to follow the simple and rational “instructions” that were “encoded” in the Constitution? Most Americans think that “God” is the president, and Jesus is the Vice-President. That’s it. End of story; politics = patriotism = religion. Idiots.


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