I have to talk about something that I’d rather not discuss

It is about the elephant in the room, wherever and whenever Asperger personalities and typical social moderns end up in the same family, classroom, workplace or “universe” for that matter.

My use of words such as “neurotypical, idiots, beyond stupid” and other emphatic reactions are “codes” for “the elephant” – a gulf that often is not about “intelligence” nor neurotypical lack of awareness of the existence of their sanctified “crazy mass behavior” Since we are told that 99% or so, of Americans are neurotypical, let’s just call the tragedy, “human behavior in groups”.

The supreme frustration is this: if one points out the “irrational” basis for a decision, policy and practice in a group, to a member of that group, an observation that is obvious in the poor or counterproductive consequences that result over and over again, that member will likely agree, that the “whole thing is stupid” but that NOTHING CAN BE DONE. It’s “the system” – a supernatural wing of the “crazy-house  of human existence” which is believed to be as authentic as gravity.

This is the critical point where neurotypical thinking STOPS and where Asperger thinking and action BEGIN.

Asperger thinkers find it ridiculous to follow the Yellow Brick Road to Oz, the land of magic, mystery, pompous claims, flying monkeys, fake hearts, fake brains and fake courage: but for modern social typicals, OZ is the DESTINATION.


The Yellow Brick Road is the road to permanent childhood


The grotesque use of “little people” as the symbol of paedogenesis-neoteny: child-size adult bodies that “stopped growing” at a psychologically infantile stage.

The message: The "real world" of nature is where humans belong. Meeting its challenges is what "brings about" our fulfillment as a creative species and drives our individual passage into adulthood: satisfaction, completion, contentment. Societies aim to defeat this proper animal destiny.

The message: The “real world” of nature is where humans belong. Meeting its challenges  “brings about” our fulfillment as a creative species and drives our individual passage into adulthood: satisfaction, completion, contentment. Societies seek to “solve” (petrify) this group vs. individual conflict.

A multitude of familiar social narratives that perpetuate the STOP sign:

“The managers understand that employees are unhappy, our products are not up to the high standards we insist on; profits are down, and we’re taking steps to correct the errors: big changes are coming. After all, we’re a family: What would our company be without our employees? We care.”

The “outspoken” complainer-employees are given a token “employee of the month” certificate and then are “let go” or laid off, along with other “cost-cutting efforts” – conditions deteriorate, employment is reduced to part-time, no-benefit hourly workers; inferior materials are substituted, further degrading the product. Price increases for the product are blamed on the “high cost” of labor, including benefit packages, which were negotiated as “proof of equity and generosity: an insincere gesture that need never be fulfilled. End of story: the business fails or is purchased and gutted, “saved” by further destructive methods; production is moved overseas for the advantage of slave labor in totalitarian regimes that punish citizens for disobedience, grumbling, or any personal expression of dissatisfaction.

The lack of safety or environmental regulations in such places guarantees degradation of not only the local environment, the health of humans trapped in heath-destroying environments, but the destruction of freshwater resources, agricultural quality, pollution of the atmosphere and the oceans follows: species fail to reproduce. Toxic “used up” products (designed to be lose their value immediately after purchase) are shipped back from “rich nations” and dumped into poor communities, which are sacrificed on the altar of infantile consumer faddism and narcissism.

It’s easy to see how Asperger types, for whom the “insane cycle” is an abomination because it hurts employees, businesses, economies, social welfare, human health, at all levels of human interaction and activity, respond with gob smacked incredulity at the refusal to alleviate suffering and destruction, which is the consequence of ignorance, predation, aggression and total lack of empathy or conscience on the part of neurotypicals.

Well, it’s easy for us to see: As the real-world analytical types, for whom “problem-solving” is what we are good at and excited about; for whom, “Big Picture” patterns and systems, as well as details and consequences, are knowable, fixable and “actionable” – that is, human choices can be successful, and applied to the real world of “satisfying” results as referenced by Nature.

The cascade of terrible consequences could be alleviated by one change in attitude: that pulling aside the Emerald Curtain behind which the Wizard hides is a GOOD THING. Most humans (as individuals) instinctively know this; but social humans in groups, predator and prey classes alike, fight like Hell to preserve the “dark fantasy” of the impregnable social pyramid. This “total defense” of insane behavior drives Asperger types to despair.

Asperger types are “ejected” from groups: shunted off into “detail work” where their intuitive talents and skills can be wasted or exploited, or if they should be so inclined, an Asperger will join the sociopaths that “run things”.

Effectively “intellectually castrated” by social demonization, men like my father were easily convinced to forget the “big picture” and to use their talents to further aggression, destruction, and the murder of innocents; to provide weapons of annihilation – happy to have a niche in society granted to them. A job to support a family; a “way out” of the curse of the elephant. Keep your nose to the drawing board and out of decision-making. If anyone questions your part in enabling death and destruction of living things, say, “I’m just doing my job. I’m just following orders” That is, he chose to adopt the neurotypical “destination” and settle for an uncomfortable role in OZ.

This is where we parted ways and I began an “Asperger” path. Although he frequently “objected” to my choices, I know that he secretly supported, and even envied, my attempted escape from Oz.





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