Leiden U. Blog / Hunter Gatherer Research Revival

Hunter Gatherer Research Journal of the International Society of Hunter Gatherer Research

The revival of hunter-gatherer research

Bushmen wearing a shona, made of steenbok or duiker skin. On his back is the bow bag that carries the bow, spears, knife and javelin for hunting. Makgadikgadi Pans. Botswana

Bushmen: Botswana

“While anthropologists to a large extent seem to have lost interest in hunter-gatherer societies, scientists from other disciplines continue to see the scientific relevance of hunter-gatherers . In addition to anthropologists, there are many (experimental) archeologists, linguists, neuro-psychologists, evolutionary biologists, art historians, and people interested in legal studies, child development and comparative health and nutrition studies.”

Great Basin, U.S.: Native Americans gathering rice. We tend to forget that many NAM tribes were highly successful HGs.


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