Asperger Human blog after 1 1/2 Years / 2016 Re-post

Post from last January, 2016. It has now been 2 1/2 years since beginning the blog, but the sentiments in this reflection remain current. Remember: “Optimism is Cowardice” – Oswald Spengler LOL

Asperger Human started out to be – what? I can’t remember, except that I was appalled by the lack of solid and factual information about both Autism and Asperger’s and the state of so-called treatment.

The more I read and research, the stronger my visual representation of “Psychological Theory and Ownership of ASD: The Game” has become: that of several baseball teams, without rules or regulations to speak of, and a profound lack of talents specific to the game, are attempting to play simultaneously and on the same diamond. The “outcome” of the game would seem to be which manager can dominate funding and media exposure until the remaining teams give up and go home.

“We win!” This sort of thing is nothing new, but it certainly doesn’t benefit ASD individuals who are looking for REAL explanations and REAL help, advice, a sensible path, or searching for that “click” in the mind that says – “Now I can do something to improve my life because I know where I stand.”

The image I have in mind now is of parents and their ASD children on the deck of the Titanic, trying to access a life boat, but the lifeboats are old, leaky, and dangling from half-rotted ropes. Which one ought we to trust to protect our children?

The most baffling misconception I encounter over and over again is that Aspergers is a MEDICAL CONDITION. It is not.  So-called “tests” for Aspergers are not scientific, experimental or definitive; they are socially constructed, non-objective hearsay evidence that would not stand up in a law court or in a “real” scientific environment.

Psychology is not a “real” science. It’s practitioners do not follow the scientific method of discovery and confirmation by means of rigorous experimentation. There is a reason why psychology is the most popular degree choice in the United States: It’s so easy to complete.

Pasting junk data into a paper as “statistics” does not make psychology “scientific” – neither does “piggybacking ” on legitimate disciplines like neuroscience; that is, attempting to add legitimacy by “looking for” (confirmation bias) in other research.

Call psychology “divination, a secular religion, trite counseling, confessional arts, getting paid to guess what’s going on in someone’s life, a popular way to subject the citizenry to being lab animals, a profitable industry,  a source of bad information that drives government policy, a way to destroy public education –



Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker.


2 thoughts on “Asperger Human blog after 1 1/2 Years / 2016 Re-post

  1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Psychology most definitely is a science. And the reason it’s so popular might just be because humans want to understand human behavior.


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