A festive holiday topic: Female Aspergers are often described as “Chameleon-like” in the propensity to “take on” the psychic and behavioral aspects of a social environment in order to (at least temporarily) “fit in”.

Is this “talent” an actual, observable characteristic?

For a detailed scientific reference as to what is going on in chameleons: Google: Photonic crystals cause active colour change in chameleons (link is not working)

The jist is that a chameleon, when relaxed, is green and “naturally camouflaged”. Male chameleons change to bright colors (red-yellow) to stand out against a green environment. They are “showing off” in a mating display. This obviously is not a correct analogy to whatever female Aspergers are doing. So what are “we” doing?



Camouflage in it’s active form is a male specialty. Modern humans have developed camouflage predominantly as a predatory strategy in military actions or in hunting. A vast (and extremely serious) subculture exists that promotes and supplies tactical gear and information for civilians and professionals. Business is booming!

Camouflage has become a cult fashion bonanza: Pepto-Pink is mandatory for girls, which defeats the function of camouflage; this “neotenic” plague of ambiguous and confusing “female identity” has swept the U.S. Are girls predators, or are they hoping to attract males who display as predatory males? Is dressing your wife / baby girl in camo a territorial act of ownership? The dangerous confusion for women is this: are you trying to attract a “predator” (hint: you don’t want one of these males) or a  PROTECTOR, which is what a female needs for herself and her children?

Photo bottom right: Ford has developed camouflage patterns for secret “new car” security, designed to confuse video and camera systems and thwart industrial espionage.

valentine-s-day-font-b-camouflage-b-font-heart-hot-font-b-pink-b-font-bodysuit printing-pink-font-b-camo-b-font-camouflage-wedding-dresses-2016-sexy-backless-sweetheart-sleeveless-font font-b-camouflage-b-font-romper-for-font-b-babies-b-font-infant-clothes-descendants ford-car-camouflage-3

Are Asperger females “predators” who utilize a “male tactic” to go unnoticed in a social world that is constructed by male aggression – and which punishes non-conforming  women and girls? This “social construct” of feminine inferiority creates a dangerous environment for an intelligent female. Definitely not a good idea for any female! The “hyper-feminization camouflage” common in the U.S. is a NEUROTYPICAL female tactic, one which unfortunately is subject to retaliation by males. When a woman presents herself as an “inoffensive sexualized child”, but then drops “the mask” and becomes “dominant” – it enrages weak males who fear exposure as “fake” predators: domestic violence is the result.

So what are Asperger females doing to survive Neurotypical Social Hell?

(Do you really think that we would tell anyone?)





Chameleons, Camouflage and Selfies

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