“Adam and Evil” / Gospel Story for Kids – Prepare to be Amazed


Adam and his wife Evil, right after she made him drink blue Kool Aid in the Garden of Bat-Crap-Crazy Eden

The Story: The Fall of mankind.

One decision to disobey. One decision to step away from the promise of God. One decision to take care of things ourselves. One decision. Eve was tempted and succumbed by the serpent. Adam took the fruit his wife offered to him. And they fell. God cursed the man, the woman, and the serpent. But mercy and grace were evident in the garden. God could have easily just destroyed his “fallen” creation, but instead he decided to rescue and redeem it.

Teaching Points

  1. Adam and Eve willingly turned away from God by eating the fruit
  2. God’s word proved true, and death entered the garden
  3. Mercy entered the garden

The Gospel

Humanity has been infected with just one drop of blue dye. And that one act of disobedience infected ALL of mankind. Adam and Eve sinned, and they passed that sin down to their children, and those children to their children, and so on. Nothing can save us from being blue! Only Jesus Christ, the only perfect human, could die in our place. And thus we have to die to ourselves, and be raised to new life in Christ. The blue has gone and clear has come. So believe the Gospel!

From the Hayward Wesleyen Church

OMG! There is something terribly wrong in the neurotypical brain.


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