Neanderthal Friday / CARTA video (75 mins.) Svante Paabo

Pet Peeve: the use of “Modern Humans” as a substitute for Homo sapiens! We get stuck with such awkward designations, such as early modern humans; archaic modern humans. When “human genome” is referred to, which genome are we talking about? Archaic Homo sapiens, (especially those “humans” contemporary to, and interbreeding with Neanderthals) or recent domesticated Homo sapiens sapiens? This is extremely sloppy terminology!

Svante Paabo on “species – subspecies” question:

“…there is no species concept that works in all circumstances”

“I don’t care what professors in universities call it…”

“I call Neanderthals a group” (not a species)

“I’m agnostic on what I call them in terms of species or subspecies”




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