Interbreeding and Introgression / Archaic-Modern Humans

Another great video from CARTA. I suspect that Asperger differences in perception, sensory processing, and visual thinking (which determine behavior) in part, may be the result of introgression – the inclusion of “clips” of archaic genes, or the reactivation of same, in contemporary humans.

The strict Recent out of Africa Replacement model has perished, with apologies.



The “goal” of the model: one Homo sapiens with superficial “diversity” (skin color) a geographically-dependent variation, but which separates “white Europeans” from everyone else.


Spend centuries “selecting data” through the “Ultimate Baloney Model” – the EuroAmerican “Last Homo Standing” myth. Use advances in technology and RELIANCE on supernatural math to make the model seem like Evolutionary Destiny.

And Lo and Behold! This is what you get:

Novel-writing at it’s wurst!

ncasjjt google-ad-pamela-anderson


The “Sausage Stuffing” model of Human Evolution persists: 

The “arrow of time” view of evolution inevitably leads to Modern White Male Europeans. This “Last Standing Representative of Genus Homo” assumption FORCES data from archaic humans to be stuffed into a manufactured  “progression” – as if evolution is making a string of sausages. Yum!


So much time and energy invested in supporting a highly prejudiced conceit.

Clue: if your model does not “match” the evidence, you must admit it is wrong, and start over! Richard Feynman. You cannot legitimately “stuff ” aberrant facts into a meat grinder, or discard such facts, and make evolutionary “ground pork” that is conveniently pinched off by “extinction” into a and self-serving string of sausages.  


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