Visual Thinking / Trance Dance Kalahari Bushmen

Clip from an episode of “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel. The Bushmen and similar peoples are not “archaic, extinct or relics of inferior ancestors” – they exist NOW. The important event happens at the very end; Zimmern comments on his “experience” while “being touched” by the shaman:

“I was in another place. I felt like my life was a book of photos, and someone had just spun the pages”

This is a familiar experience (for me) – as if moving into and out of a “timeless” awareness is hindered by verbal consciousness, but can be elicited by sensory stimulation at any “moment” (now), especially visual patterns – spatial dynamics and details in landscape. “Social” sensory overload screws up this ability to be “outside of time” where I am naturally comfortable; the imposition of the modern insistence on an artificial construct, that is, “life” occurs along an imaginary Timeline, sets up a duality; a conflict; an anxiety creating situation.

I suspect that “trance states” (and other means of getting “f–ked up” – alcohol, severe physical tests; isolation, meditation, prayer – as practiced by diverse cultures) are a means of bypassing “conscious” verbal processing in order to remove a barrier in the brain that suppresses visual memory; visual memory consists of both “personal” images and the not-so-easily accessed storehouse of “species” images (instinctual legacy) that provide knowledge of the environment, connections with “problem-solving” abilities and the physical (mental emotional) state of individuals, when that state is “out of sync” with the proper relationship of human to nature: “animal destiny”.

This dysfunction seems to arise from the original human process of visual thinking as it passed into dependence on verbal thinking, as if the two types of processing have not been well integrated – yet? Will they ever be compatible, or will visual thinking fade away as a dependable resource for utilizing the collected knowledge of pre-modern humans?

The future of human “diversity” would appear to be doomed, and necessary contributions by individuals to the “health and creativity of thought” of society are under siege. Goal – extermination through “indoctrination, treatment, cures, drugs, criminalization, demonization, neglect by social agencies, and “made up” social proscriptions (mental illnesses), which condemn a wide range of human behaviors. These “rules of normality” are promoted by self-selected “priests” as “scientific” in order to  justify, and disguise, the same old elite mission of defining ownership over “who counts” as a human being.


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