The “Extreme Female Brain” Theory of Psychosis

The Extreme Male Brain Theory of Asperger’s:

This idiotic and misogynistic construct has fallen from grace, so what are Simon Baron Cohen and his evil crew up to now? How about The Extreme Female Brain Theory of Psychosis?

TEETER-TOTTER BRAINS: Note that there are no female Asperger’s, just occasional “defective” females who have “male brains”.  


“Psychosis is a symptom of mental illness rather than the name of a medical condition itself. Broadly speaking, it means a loss of contact with reality, and generally there are two types of psychiatric disorder that produce psychotic symptoms: schizophrenia, and mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.” (And now, “being female”)



Suddenly, Asperger’s (extreme male brain) is on a continuum (spectrum) with Psychosis (extreme female brain) at the opposite end, the basis, once again is “eye contact.”  Asperger individuals hypo-mentalize (low eye contact) whereas Psychotics “hyper-mentalize” which is lots of eye-contact like “normal” people, but “psychotic.”


Let’s try this out in the real world:

I’m female and Asperger……… extreme male brain

I’m Bipolar……extreme female brain


Therefore, I have two brains. I guess that’s why I have a high IQ. My head ought to be the size of a giant pumpkin, but it isn’t. Like the quantum behavior of electrons, I could be in two “mentally ill spaces” at the same time.

I must be some kind of miracle. Maybe God has a hand in all this, flipping people’s brains back and forth just for fun…!




One thought on “The “Extreme Female Brain” Theory of Psychosis

  1. Ah, trying to get his (social) stock up again – get his name (back) in the papers, and on everyone’s tongue again.

    No content, as usual – but no matter. Only the package really *counts*.

    (Sound of chantng) “Here is your new ***fetish***, my lord.” (More chanting, reek of smoke as the sacrifice’s corpse is set alight. Lightning brightens a pitch-black night…) “oh king, live forever…”


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