Failing Life / Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs vs. Criminal Social Behavior

That Damn Pyramid Again!

Where do you rank at being a success in life? Most human beings on earth are stuck down there at the bottom – barely able to supply food, water and shelter for themselves and the family, perhaps rising in temporary spurts to a more secure level, that is until the next war or economic disruption occurs.

Americans place themselves higher up, “just because” they are Americans, but that’s a quickly vanishing aspiration.

Keeping people trapped at the “bottom” – where procuring the basics of life is “iffy, is depicted as something “unnatural; a crime a sin, a failure, inferior” when it is the task that most closely matches our destiny as natural animals; surviving is a great achievement on this abundant planet, on which resources are many, but unevenly distributed. The idea that human beings who working to accomplish bare survival  cannot be moral, creative, spontaneous, solve problems, live without prejudice, and accept “The facts” of life, is a seriously perverted point of view. The idea that only an elite group of people who have “completed” a hierarchy of “accomplishments” can achieve these  qualities betrays the human-hating social hypocrisy that corrupts our cultures.


Arrogance; total arrogance.

The pernicious aspect of arranging life in pyramids (Maslow’s above) is the assumption that “ordinary” people cannot achieve aesthetic awareness, intellectual achievement, or artistic mastery, and certainly not self-esteem (which in the U.S. is purchased, by the way) nor experience transcendent psychological or spiritual states. In the real world, this is not true. You simply cannot equate being an “elite” to being a successful human animal. Western culture makes the claim that people who have little material wealth cannot have fulfilling lives. The structure of the social hierarchy is blatantly biased to prove that assumption. Western cultures not only judge individual human worth by possession of wealth and power, but also make sure that there will be plenty of people at the bottom to ensure the predatory status of the elite.


There is no question that the earth’s oceans, freshwater lakes and rivers are formidable and even impossible human environments, and yet, at some point a hominin looked out to sea and wondered at what was “out there?” and acted on that curiosity.

Crazy? You bet. But where do the majority of our species live? In the worst environments possible; along ocean margins, within tectonic zones, and in manmade urban Hells-on-Earth.

An interesting reference for manmade environmental disasters (for once not arranged in the hierarchical, and nonsensical Top Ten format) is available at “Fast Filters” website – (manufacturers or distributers of filter products)

It should be no surprise to American citizens that we, as individuals, and as a nation, have perpetrated this criminal behavior against “lesser peoples” as ranked on “our” outrageous social pyramid – but, the consequences have damaged western health, safety and survival expectations also.

How do we define success?

Can you “stomach” these photos?

The orphans of Agent Orange: Fifty years on, children suffer from the horrific effects of America’s use of chemical weapons during the Vietnam War


The thalidomide disaster is one of the darkest episodes in pharmaceutical research history. The drug was marketed as a mild sleeping pill safe even for pregnant women. However, it caused thousands of babies worldwide to be born with malformed limbs. The damage was revealed in 1962.





8 thoughts on “Failing Life / Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs vs. Criminal Social Behavior

  1. This pyramid has all of life so neat and contained. The human existence reduced to a few segments of a triangle. Seems so petty … small … especially in comparison to the vastness of the universe (known and unknown). No wonder we, as a species, constantly question our place in this world.


    • What’s sad is that humans didn’t start out this way. People assume that the Social Pyramid is a “law of the human universe,” but this cruel arrangement is only 10-15,000 years old and really didn’t get going until intensive urbanization of ancient “monster” civilizations such as Egypt. Egalitarian early people have been intensively attacked and wiped out by “civilized” aggression. I believe that Asperger individuals are a remnant of this “extinct” pre-social humanity.

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  2. Shelter doesn’t get a mention, yet sex is written in two different sections. Written in 1943. It is one man’s interpretation of what is important for society at the time. Has much changed for people?
    Success is measured by monetary wealth in most societies as it is visible or the appearance of being able to be measured. Success measured in happiness or intellectual pursuits cannot be measured tangibly so it considered to be worth less. What is success? Isn’t it different for each person? Why is there a need to succeed? Or to measure it?
    Not a fan of pyramids, except the Egyptian ones. I prefer circles.


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