Found a video that delineates how sound is processed – uses 3 people speaking at once to demonstrate how the auditory system “hears” and “filters”- or “pays attention to” the sound sources.  Two problems: the idiotic pointless inclusion of a “lego man”; also, critically, it does not designate which text is being read by left, center and right speaker. It is difficult to correctly observe differences without the three baselines being heard separately.

Which doesn’t seem to matter: throughout the “process of processing”, I hear all three texts and voices with equal loudness, clarity and specific words are obvious. My “visual thinking impression” is that the three text-voices appear as if they are being woven together as a “braid” that is flowing “upward” – I can switch focus between them, but none of the voices “fade away” nor can I identify which text is coming from left, right or center speaker. Yes, it’s annoying.


Like this, but with no “color” difference between the three ropes to designate source as left, center or right speaker.

If you listen to the recording, I would appreciate your observations!





Video / Hearing in noisy places

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