BBC History of “The Celts” / Video 6 Episodes

Totally annoying “Easy Listening version of Bronze Age Hits” soundtrack – much archaeological “novel writing” but great art objects – I want the bronze couch. Also, recent genetic research may have changed assumptions presented here.

Well! Someone else left a comment on EP 3:                           “I don’t know why – but the music on this series is fucking annoying – well, the vocals at least . . . the rest of the production is great – too bad I can’t turn that annoying music off . . .”

And from EP 4: —————— “I CANNOT STAND THIS MUSIC ANY LONGER” and “The music is awful. But the rest is great.”

Cool sounding Celtic “battle horns” + head hunting and snug thatched houses; farming and domestic local sheep = Iron Age. More archaeological novel writing and the lame “ritual religious function” as explanation for anything “too hard” to figure out.

…but, fabulous jewelry composed of “meaningful geometry”

and the tired old “Bad Romans” narrative… gee whiz! Roman disciplinary superiority was basically “cheating” – the Celts (Irish) lost because they were drunkards! Daft Brit historians…

Let’s face it: without Ancient Rome, Europeans would still be living in dirt hovels…LOL

Go to youtube for remaining 4 episodes…




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