Domestication of Homo sapiens / Diamond

Evolution, consequences and future of plant and animal domestication (click for original article)

Jared Diamond, Nature, August 2002

Figure 1: Comparisons of domesticated wild species (left of each pair) and their never-domesticated close relatives (right) reveal the subtle factors that can derail domestication.


Roland Martin

Changes of form and behavior due to the process of domestication also apply to domestication of humans. I’m not “picking on” Roland Martin (photo at right); many prejudiced anthropologists would use a white European male as the example of a modern human) – The skull shape and facial proportions of Mr. Martin are the result of juvenalization/domestication – retention of infant development in an adult, common to modern humans. The traditional white European conceit that a high forehead predicts intelligence is not true. ‘Dome heads’ are a result of Paedogenesis.



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