Did Archaic Hominids Have Souls? / Neurotypical MADNESS


Did Neanderthals Have Souls?

A newly unearthed hominid revives some difficult questions for Christians (

Don’t ALL questions regarding the nature of reality pose a difficulty to Christians? Yes.

…the discovery of a relatively advanced human ancestor (Homo naledi, South Africa)also raises theological questions, particularly for Christians who believe that a person must believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ in order to receive eternal life in Heaven. It may sound silly to apply that standard to primitive species hovering millions of years ago between animal and human, but it’s an important question if you believe in the eternal soul. Silly? How ’bout INSANE?

The broader issue is what happens to the soul of anyone born before Jesus Christ..


I suppose Mormon families are now searching through the Mormon Genealogy Archives for Neanderthal souls to STEAL, and then “baptize” as THEIR family members?  Yes, they do this: a Mormon family stole two of my ancestors, inserted them into their family history, (despite pregnancies then having to be reduced to 2 months, and 3 months) Yes, this is a “real” Mormon religious practice. Why do you imagine they are so “into” collecting genealogy records from all across the globe? They get “Moron Points” for doing this –

neanderthal-family-2 Problem solved; there must have been a Neanderthal Jesus!


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