Coincidence or Fantasy? / H. Antecessor – Aiden Turner

Left: Homo antecessor is an extinct human species dating from 800,000 to 1.2 million years ago and was discovered by Eudald Carbonell, Juan Luis Arsuaga and J. M. Bermúdez de Castro. H. antecessor is one of the earliest known human species in Europe. Wikipedia (If it is a distinct species)
Right: Aiden Turner, Irish Actor “Poldark” on PBS
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  • An uncanny resemblance: A bit of coincidence or an intentional likeness on the part of the illustrator?



4 thoughts on “Coincidence or Fantasy? / H. Antecessor – Aiden Turner

  1. The division in species this / that is not necessary, I can agree. Instead of I can use specialisationed type.
    If really someday at least a valid theory can explain that the Erectus Javanensis (South-East Asia Island) interbreed with Sapiens (?), Denisovans and fertile offspring was produced, I can accept your point there are no hominid species categories necessary.

    Cause they are one Hominid, but with different taxonomic/ anthropomorphic features.


    • What if “we” (Homo sapiens) are actually H. erectus? No sapiens-erectus interbreeding necessary. It would have been geographic types of Erectus breeding with each other (example African Erectus with European Erectus/Neanderthal) as they wandered into new environments occupied by earlier wandering Erectus groups. Not enough time had passed for these varieties of Erectus to have become non-compatible reproductively, but they could easily vary in physical appearance having adapted to geography, climate etc. Just as modern human variety reflects the physical parameters of our origins – tropical to arctic. Nearly all the changes and accomplishments (brain size increase, tools, etc) we attribute to Homo sapiens actually occurred in Erectus.


  2. Agree.

    A second ago i read Homo Ergaster maybe was the ancestor of Antecessor, a species found in Spain. You would not believe it, but i had exactly thought this ancestor.

    I could not find any theory that would have give Heidelbegensis the place. Anyway if Heidelbegensis was a local Erectus type or not he was leading to the Neandertal. So in this logic there was no path leading to Antecessor.


    • I wish everyone would back off from designating every “find” a “new” species. With genetics now revealing so much about hominid interrelatedness, the idea of “species” needs a total make over – it may not even be a valid division, since it is used so carelessly across disciplines and scientists seem to make up their own definitions. The variation among modern humans is usually greater than the variation between supposed hominid species!


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