Asperger’s Over Diagnosed? / A Psychiatrist’s Opinion

The New York Times /The Opinion Pages

Asperger’s History of Over Diagnosis

2 thoughts on “Asperger’s Over Diagnosed? / A Psychiatrist’s Opinion

  1. The thing about myself that I find the most annoying is my inability to know just how loud I talk in regular conversation. When I read a story for others I can regulate intensity, but in conversation I am lost.
    My repetitiveness goes towards voice. I am a loud person in the sense that I am seldom quiet. Some Aspies wave and I talk/sing/shout/sound. My oldest looks forward to moving out because then he gets to enjoy a quieter life.


    • Hmmm.. I seem to have an on/off switch: I either don’t speak at all or go 90 mph – which exhausts me and even results in a sore throat. I’ve never felt that the act of breathing-speaking was “normal” but a chore – even if enjoyable. My mother complained that my voice was “unladylike” and it embarrassed her. On the other hand, I’m articulate (I speak just like I write), but feel like I’m a teacher giving a lecture – it’s difficult to have a conversation because so few people have anything to say! I’m always relieved to run into another “chatterbox” who is actually “alive” – has interests and opinions and is eager to express him-herself. I can see now that relationships were often doomed because of this on/off behavior. I’d “be there” but then not there.

      The same on/off goes for “physical” noisiness: I can sit still only for short periods of time, and mostly when I’m using the computer. At the other extreme I’m on the couch “daydreaming” (thinking) for long stretches. Taking walks has always provided the perfect “mobile thinking platform” In fact, clear thinking seems to require motion and a near silent environment. Intuitive processes seem to require a lot of couch time! This pattern is “normal” to me, but I could have learned these “habits” trying to survive in a what confronts me in “normdom.” Inescapable CHAOS – sensory overload.

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