Massive Food Waste / An American Crime


Charge for plastic pill cup (cup only): $10.00

What I learned in hospital.

Comment based on the facility in which I was treated recently, but I’m sure it applies to not only most hospitals, but to school lunch programs and other institutional food programs nationwide.

The nutritional value of the food itself is pitiful, and downright unjustifiable when fed to “sick” people who need “good food”.  Americans have come to accepts this as “normal” – what a disgrace.

The high salt and sugar content is beyond belief! It appears that government surplus commodities (corn syrup is a prime ingredient) are utilized – a type of “dumping” of agricultural leftovers that subsidize ” Big Ag”.

Artificial flavor enhancers (loads of garlic salt) and powdered gravies are main additives; salt, salt, salt dominates every dish.

Cinnamon rolls, cakes and other bakery items are “on the tray” regardless of requests to not include these sugar-laden deserts. “Brand name” items are “pushed” using verbal intimidation to pressure patients to “choose” them,

And then – what I consider to be a crime against humanity:

Any and all food, whether or not it has been “touched” – including all those items that are in sealed packages or  added to the tray despite patient requests to not include them, are immediately

thrown into the garbage and invoiced to insurance companies, notably Medicare.

Whether or not this disgraceful waste of food – at incredible profit – (junk food billed at outrageous rates) is “approved” in contracts with Medicare or other insurance providers, it is one more American practice that “wipes out” our claim to the moral high ground. 

10 Wildly Overinflated Hospital Costs

Condensed online by Reader’s Digest (Go to original article for more) By Lauren Gelman10-overinflated-hospital-costs-surgery-room

My favorite: Charge for USE of surgical light fixture: $93.50

A Tylenol pill for $15? Or $53 per pair of gloves? Here, a medical billing advocate reveals some of the crazy costs of some very basic medical goods.




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