Neurotypical Stupidity / A closed universe

I’m old, I’m tired – exhausted truly, and have only one desire; that is to escape the predations of neurotypical madness. The dream of every Asberger is that Neurotypicals (at least one or two in our personal vicinity, perhaps) will someday have a brief burst of mental brilliance and recognize their own profound failings.

Critically – their mind-numbing inability to transcend a closed mental state in which they have elevated their dim purposeless narcissism into the lie that Modern Social Homo sapien is the pinnacle of Creation, whether by supernatural fiat, or a magical misinterpretation of processes we call “Evolution.”

The majority of people granted the status of “scientist” are stupid neurotypicals, who use the truly marvelous inventions of a very few creative individuals to further entrap our “species” within discrete chambers of archaic belief and patterns of thought that have not changed in 10,000 years.  Intellect flat lined in modern humans millennia ago after brief bursts of insight and invention in “wild humans” – hominids who utilized superior perception, visual processing and animal intuition to master their ever-changing and challenging environments – ancestors whom we declare defective, inferior and therefore rightfully extinct due to the narcissistic and self-serving  interpretation of the development of “life on earth” as a ruthless battle for perfection and dominance by – who else but MAN. The logical conclusion of “evolution” or “god’s plan” (both are equally disastrous) in this version of human know-it-all neoteny is the total destruction of earth and it’s living products; poisoned; lifeless and final proof of neurotypical stupidity: The Apocalypse; End of Days; Armageddon.  The earth covered in corpses, with one lone psychotic male “The Victor” before he too enters oblivion.

This interpretation of evolution is so blatantly incorrect that it is simply stunningly impossible for intelligent beings to have “thought this way” and – despite increasingly sophisticated technology and exponential accumulation of fact, to believe that it is a a remotely accurate description of the physical reality we inhabit. Evidence for exactly the opposite path of “life” is overwhelming obvious (to the Asperger brain), but our direct, concrete and rational relationship to “how the universe works” barely survives as an extreme minority of humans; an endangered subspecies of Homo sapiens – those of us who are among the last remnants of the wild hominids.

BELOW: Go to: for original. If you still just don’t “GET” that the development of life (evolution) is the power of adaptation (mutation, introgression, epigenetics) that is inherent in DNA,changes that occur in response to earth’s physical parameters, then I FUCKING GIVE UP. *

*Rude yes; not true – yes. I fucking gave up on neurotypicals when I was nine years old.   







2 thoughts on “Neurotypical Stupidity / A closed universe

  1. I love this so much. On my book-blog I have a permanent link to an animation by Steve Cotts called “Man” that perfectly illustrates how much we destroy life for ourselves. Whatever lies in store for us is what we deserve.

    However. We destroy life for so many other animals out there. The Earth won’t care either way. But for the rest of life out there, we are a plague.


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