Picture This / Neoteny / Juvenalization

Men feminizing their appearance.

Men feminizing their appearance.

Zeta-Male rambo-vs-twilight imagesbb menspantyhose imagesman feminization-of-men-continues-with-man-braids-hipster-lgbt-end-times-933x445 an-jung-hwan-two-korean-male-cosmetic-advertisement-20021 72a0647c96114134696a35a52c01db98b20e7504Psychologically NORMAL = JUVENILE (Cute, feminine, emotional, irrational)

Most people don’t realize that in humans, neoteny/juvenalization/domestication is expressed as FEMINIZATION or “all things cute.”


Dogs bred to be infant humans. Yes, it’s adorable.



It’s as if males have become “pets” – but no one realizes that this is the result of domestication. Men have become less masculine and more feminine as “civilization” progresses.



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