You did what with your big brain?


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I am interested in the ways that human beings give meaning to experience. The majority of any population accept what they are taught by society without realizing that the capacity to interpret and integrate experience is a talent that has evolved in our species, and in no other. It may take disruption of a person’s life to force open his or her mind to the opportunity to be creative, an act that has traditionally been viewed as dangerous – the Creative is the purview of the Gods, the Ancestors, the Adults, but what happens when there are no adults in a society?

The idea that meaning is not woven into the fabric of reality, but is instead a product of the human mind, is not acceptable to society, for the very reason that the community and the needs of the individual are naturally at odds with each other. It is a test of character to confront the source of meaning in one’s own thoughts and to become creative: this is what interests me; the edges of the human sphere. To socially typical  humans edge means darkness, disaster and evil, but – no, these unwanted conditions are found within the very web of social existence.

“Don’t obey the community. They are the ones that are stuck or in trouble.”Joseph Campbell


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“You humans are using your big brain to destroy the planet and its life? Gee, we dumb chimps would never have thought to do that.”


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