Life with Fred / The Asperger Dog

This video made by a Vizsla owner for her dog’s 3rd birthday demonstrates that my Vizsla Fred not only doesn’t behave like a Vizsla, he doesn’t behave like a dog. Could it be that when I went to the Humane Society shelter, I somehow zeroed in on a personality similar to mine? Not good in a dog.

I’ve had Fred four years, and only recently has he started noticing that I exist. I’m not kidding. He now walks up and stares at me if he wants something; luckily for both of us, that’s limited to food or going outdoors. He also didn’t like being petted, and would dodge away, but now he tolerates a bit of neck scratching and a pat on the shoulder. He’s afraid of water and RABBITS. He loves the truck and will stand and stare at it for hours through the gate. He does not play in any meaningful way. Not with me, nor the other dog, nor with toys of any description. He does not fetch, chew, chase or catch. If he gets loose, he vanishes. I’ve had to call the dog sheriff to round him up many times. Outside the yard he must wear a heavy harness and long leash so he can follow his nose, which means he’s easy to walk since he stops for every whiff on every pole, blade of grass or rock. If he escaped out in the countryside, he could easily die of heatstroke or hypothermia, or coyote attack.

He doesn’t cuddle, but sleeps under the covers even in summer (apparently a Vizsla thing) but – and this is the only sign of affection I can see; if I’m on the couch, he must be on the couch with me – but that could simply be that the couch “is the place to be.”

So – can a dog be Asperger?


Fred – 75 lbs. last trip to the vet.

IMG_0133IMG_0237wpIMG_0658 (2)fb

I sometimes suspect that my older female is calling the shots…




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