How to do away with Neanderthals / Reproductive Elimination

From previous post:

How to Exterminate Aboriginal People / Reproductive Elimination

When you think about it, reproductive elimination might “fit the bill” as one cause of Neanderthal disappearance.

Trade develops – Tasmanians want dogs & food items; sealers trade for kangaroo hides. No surprise – a trade in Aboriginal Tasmanian Neanderthal women developed: women were excellent hunters and gatherers who knew the resources in their environments intimately. Some women were purchased outright, others were “gifts.” Some sealers raided coastal Aboriginal settlements and abducted women.

Each seal hunter “required” 4-5 women to work for him as hunters. The women were marooned on uninhabited islands, and if not enough seals had been killed by the time the sealer returned, the women were brutally beaten and “stubborn” ones killed. 

By 1810 the seal population was severely reduced and the hunters moved on; some remained with Aboriginal women they had “married.” Children of these mixed HS male and HN reproductions survived while native Neanderthal children stopped being conceived.  

Tales are remembered of women who “went rogue,” attacking and killing the sealers because of the brutality they suffered. Neanderthal female slaves became a force against HS authority and fought in conflicts. Women who fought back, resisted enslavement, or proved too difficult to be “domesticated” were eliminated.

After mere decades the number of pure Neanderthal women declined: it is reported that by 1830 only 3 Aboriginal women remained in northeast Tasmania, along with 72 men. This lack of (Neanderthal) females made it impossible for Neanderthals to reproduce in enough numbers to survive as a distinct and original population.

This scenario is compatible with:


  1. Neanderthal disappearance occurred at different times and locations.
  2. If Neanderthals lived in very small and scattered groups, this activity on the part of HS would have been easy and opportunistic. If Neanderthal women were “WILD” (stronger than HS males) this may not have been easy!
  3. Numbers of male Neanderthals would have been killed during these abduction events (and possibly children – male lions murder cubs)
  4. It has been shown  (?) that there is no mtDNA overlap between Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthaliensis.
  5. It has been proposed that the “interbreeding” events between HS and HN were restricted to male Neanderthals and female Homo sapiens. Given the history of HS / outsider sex – male rape of female slaves, minority populations, and conquered peoples, is the pattern; the norm. The idea of a sapiens female “hooking up” with a Neanderthal is far less likely, but abduction and rape of HN females by HS males would be typical behavior.
  6. Small group / opportunistic “eliminations” leaves open the possibility that  Homo sapiens who entered Eurasia / Asia could have been quite variable in traits and culture: some may have lived in and around Neanderthals peacefully and even engaged in cooperative living and interbreeding.

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