The Logic-defying Wonderland of Archaeological Science Fiction

All I needed was literal information on Neanderthal archaeological sites, having to do with pre-Homo sapiens art, if any, that has been discovered and studied.

Dozens of papers / articles later and I have a killer headache! Wrong Planet,  WRONG BRAIN. My suggestion is that every discipline that purports to “study” human species that currently, lately, or in a long ago time, ought to require that “professional students” earn a BA in geology before going on to engage in any of those fields. And not “just” for familiarity with “how the world works” but for the discipline of thinking – How to construct a “reasonable” (ie not supernatural, not “magic words”) and  testable sequence of events that arises from actual evidence.

Instead we have something akin to the popular addiction of collecting “religious artifacts” such as bones of the saints and splinters of the True Cross, which become fixations for neurotypical fantasy.

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