Idiotic Ideas about Neanderthals


Please Note: I’m not going to comment on these bad versions of Just So Stories (Rudyard Kipling – “How the elephant got it’s trunk” etc.) My brain has totally shut down; worn out by slogging through irrational, unreasonable and magical “stories” that dominate modern social humans, including far too many scientists who have no talent for science.


Yosemite Sam: The stupid, big-nosed red-haired Neanderthal, of course.

What killed Neanderthals? Scientists blame those rascally rabbits

What killed the Neanderthals? This question has long been the topic of heated debate among paleoanthropologists, and the theories are numerous: Was it climate change? Volcanoes? Their inability to harness fire? Researchers now say in the Journal of Human Evolution that they have a new tool in the search for answers: rabbits.

“It appears that basically modern humans were vastly more likely to hunt rabbits than were Neanderthals,” Stewart says. This is perplexing, because rabbits would have been perfect targets; they exist in large numbers and would have been relatively easy to hunt, since they live in burrows. “You can harvest them if you’re clever,” Stewart says. But Neanderthals didn’t hunt them like H. sapiens did, and this proved deadly when the Ice Age took hold and many of the Neanderthals’ favorite protein sources (megafauna like mammoth and reindeer) were wiped out.

“It would imply that basically this is why modern humans were able to survive into the colder period around 20,000 years ago,” Stewart explains. “As the climate deteriorated, Neanderthals were unable to turn their hand to resources like rabbits like modern humans were. This is why you see one human species surviving and the other not. It’s part of the whole pattern.”

Why Neanderthals didn’t eat rabbits remains a bit of a mystery, but Stewart speculates that perhaps they didn’t develop the tools to create traps. “One thing is clear: If you look at fauna records of modern humans, they seemed to be able to hunt a much broader variety of things, and presumably that’s because they had more tricks up their sleeves,” Stewart says.

Neanderthal eyes were so big that it made them stupid


Once it was discovered that European Homo sapiens had sex with Neanderthal, they became “white people” in reconstructions.

neanderthal family 2

Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus

Neanderthals were too smart (sexy?) for their own good

Rather than being outwitted by the more numerous early humans, Neanderthals were just as sophisticated – but so impressed the humans they were seen as potential mates, say scientists. The interbreeding meant that their own line died out, said Professor Julien Riel-Salvatore, of the University of Colorado, adding: “In many ways they were simply victims of their own success.”


Not only were Neanderthal males “paleo-hot” in cold climates, but they were clever, luring H sapiens females into their man-caves with banners that displayed their distinct intellectual advantages.


And to this day, modern social Homo sapiens males feel a wee-bit inferior and obsess over proving that Neanderthals were wiped out by HS males.


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