Social Breakdown / Stupid Responses

Reblog from 7/8/16

One of the most dangerous notions that we have as Americans is that we are immune from insanity; not mental illness, which plagues individuals -brain malfunctions that can be understood and treated. It is in our power to help those individuals: no, it is the belief that we can “play with” violence; that bombs and guns don’t kill people. That military weapons can be separated from the battlefield, and in the hands of “ordinary people” (males between 12-35) will not be used to initiate warfare right here and now on the streets of U.S. cities and towns. A grudge can turn into mass casualties in an instant. Adolescent males are responsible for most violence.

There are people and groups that want a race war to erupt; it doesn’t matter why. We have to stop asking, Why? It doesn’t matter if they are white or black, Hispanic or Asian. Once military weapons were made publically available, WAR became an option  for any single person, or any group, to perpetrate without declaration or warning.

Supply weapons of war, and war will be the result. Isn’t that why the U.S. supplies the nations and “bad guys” of the world with billions of dollars in weaponry every day?

Bonus! The Witless Wisdom of Humanity

None of this “magic word syndrome” babble accomplishes anything.

Within-the-covers-of-the-Bible-are-the-answers-for-all-the-problems-men-face_-Ronald-Reagan images2GBUMJ13

We-look-forward-to-the-time-when-the-Power-of-Love-will-replace-the-Love-of-Power_-Then-will-our-world-know-the-blessings-of-peace_-William-Ewart-Gladstone-500x500 1028 ASEAN hopeful-quotes-pictures quote-the-main-goal-of-the-future-is-to-stop-violence-the-world-is-addicted-to-it-bill-cosby-43044






ecd9152a7e6497ce57659eb45be1f137 laurie-manzer-quote-about-violence-in-black-theme-violence-quotes-gallery-580x435 Make-a-Difference-and-Stop-Violence

peace-is-being-different images



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