Social exile? What a terrible fate!


What I did today / It’s good to be Asperger

One thought on “What I did today / It’s good to be Asperger

  1. I thought that you were Asperger – so much for paying attention! Sorry! Consciousness is a vague word because there are too many definitions across disciplines, and in each person’s mind, he or she believes that “whatever” they think is “true” in some profound sense. The environment is subjective and relative for self-centered individual humans who sometimes agree with each other as to “reality” (or think they do). I’m not convinced that it’s something we can escape.

    So, as you say, Aspies are H. sapiens, despite the grumbling all-round, and as such I need a concrete reference and description – which complicates speaking of the idea with other people. (I have no supernatural brain cells LOL) But, that also frees me to jettison the “multi-definition” quandary and narrow down “consciousness” (I call it co-consciousness – it requires more than one person) “C” is an artifact of language (an analogy might be moving an electromagnet through a coil and generating a current) and as such, the language one speaks very much influences “C”. It’s not a “thing” – you can’t “find” it – it’s not like an appendage that a paleontologist can study as it develops through time in related species. It probably doesn’t exist as we conceive of “it” -and I mean that in the same way that “species” don’t exist. These are conveniences, concepts, tools. I’m not a physicist nor “math” type (much to my frustration) so I get stuck at this threshold – I would place “C” within physics.

    So I guess where we disagree is whether or not it’s an evolutionary step or an accident of language which remains to be tested by the environment. What fun!


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